Kmart Boxer Commercial: Distasteful or Delightful?

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Kmart is ringing in the holiday season... literally, with a commercial that some Grinches find especially distasteful.


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    Yes, it's inappropriate. I was sitting with a 9 yoa child and a teenager when the commercial came on. It was our first time seeing the commercial. The kids looked at each other and then to me for an explanation. Of course, the teenager laughed and told the smaller children they're ringing their balls. Inappropriate was the first word that came to mind, but the 9 YEAR OLD said it aloud. The child said it was inappropriate. LOL


    The talented and hardworking Models are not to blame for this "distasteful or Delightful" commercial. There are far worse things on television and in the media for us to worry about. In my opinion, I find humor in the commercial, to others there may not be any. Let's worry about more important aspects of society.


    how come when men are wiggling around in under ware its distasteful but the victoria secrets commercial are fine.....i say thats crap. I think the victoria secrets commercials are far more distasteful than this commercial.




    Awesome commercial beats Walmart keep these coming!!!! Live them and is not disgraceful is yo funny. People to to lighten up and have fun and let loose for a while . Happy thanksgiving and Merry Christmas . God bless


    Awwww isn't that sweet and to make it politically correct they managed to include a couple of lame'o minority dudes..that no ne wants to see

    @ logic

    Logic don't be an ass. That's my brother you are talking about. These boys have worked damn hard to get where they are at. I don't see you on television? So don't knock on the talented because of your daddy issues!!!!

    @ logic

    oo really cause you see the one in the red and green yaa thats my brother and he worked so hard on this! you bigot and hes not a freaking minority and every one does want to see him hes amazing! >:(

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    @ logic

    my brother is in this commercial and worked his but off for it so no its not inappropriate! thanks!

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