Kanye West to Barack Obama: Shut Up About Kim Kardashian!

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Kanye West stopped by Harvard yesterday for a speech to that university's School of Design class.

Then, this morning, the rapper appeared on a Philadelphia radio station and addressed one of that institution's most famous graduate students: Presdent Barack Obama!

Considering Obama once referred to West as a jackass, and also said this summer that he and Kim Kardashian gave folks the wrong idea about the American dream, the hosts were curious if Kanye and the President would ever "break bread" together.

It doesn't seem likely.

First, West said he and Kardashian are "pop icons" and the Commander-in-Chief called them out "just to be down."

He then elaborated, making a tiny bit of sense along the way:

"I don't care if someone's the president or not. I care about thoughts and how you helping people and what you bring to the world. My music brings joy to people. What I create brings joy to people. Me, I'm not about me. I'm about I've got an idea that people are going to like.

"Don't you get frustrated around Christmas time dealing with clothing? Don't you get frustrated with so many things? That's Steve Jobs made things easier for people in life."

Right. Yes. Of course. Sure, 'Ye.

In conclusion, Kanye said Obama "shouldn’t mention my baby mama’s name 'cause we both from Chicago" and concluded that he doesn't give this quasi rivalry much thought:

“That’s out my thoughts," he said. "That’s lower on my priority of thinking at this point.”


President Obama is very right. These people aren't steel magnates or anything. In fact, the billionaires that they are trying to categorize with had TONS more class. They are an embarrassment to America and most Americans stand right behind the President. We don't need or want these people representing our culture.


The fuck he say? Me ? I'm not about me. Just his thoughts. Egomaniacal fucktard. And for the dipshits that back him up say tge president should have not said anything about them. Your stupid beyond belief. Have heard the shit from the begining. Have you done your homework? No! This all started because fucktarded kanya went on stage and made a fool of him self when Taylor swift was on stage. Do you remember that? Your so retarded you thought that was cool huh. Have fun flippin burgers and robbing people for a career..


Well Kayne, here's the thing. I doubt any of us would turn down gazzillions of dollars to be filmed just being us. I don't think The President would argue with that. BUT I think what your beloved leader is saying is it's giving the world the wrong idea of "The American Dream" - that is to say hard work, a good education and applying all these things to make a worthwhile life. Let's face it - you have done well but I haven't met many rappers - well any to be fair, with whom I connect to OR could even have a decent conversation with. I find it quite sad that popular culture elevates you (and other musicians/reality show stars) and your lovely fiance (very lovely) to elite status - again good for you both (really) but really no need to denigrate President Obama for expressing his views.


President Obama was wrong why did he pick on just them
they are doing a legitimate job just likes his celebrity friend
He never mention any one else. Any one would be upset.
If was them, why should he not give his a opinion when ask
I myself was really annoyed and surprise that the president
said that about them, That put me off the president


He sounds like a stupid coon and I have no idea I what jibberish kayne just fucking said. Bitch slap him please. Sorry, but have to say it: Obama has class; kayne is a nigglett.


Kanye is a disgrace to the americans and kim is best known for whoring around. Kanye should do us a favour and shut his chipmunk mouth up (egomanic tout)


No matter how hard they try neither one will Ever earn respect. They are both self-absorbed and clueless. Money will never buy true happiness.... Oh the delusional at least paris has friends the same age and in the same boat............LOL!




Both have much in common. They are racist and the aren't worth their weight in shit....... Oh yeah- they can only be back


He should speak proper English.

@ Jasmine

here here!!!!!!!

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