Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen is an AMAZING Dad!

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Charlie Sheen is a capable parent, and one might even say a fantastic father who dotes on his kids and is always there for them, says Denise Richards.

The actress, Sheen's ex-wife, says as much in a document submitted to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, titled "Visitation Log."

Denise R.
Charlie Sheen at Scary Movie 5 Premiere
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Denise outlines Charlie's time with their daughters Sam and Lola, and Bob and Max, his twins with Brooke Mueller (and whom Denise is also guardian of).

The document, which Denise was required to keep because she was Charlie Sheen's monitor when he visited, was given to DCFS to prove his case.

That case? That he is a quality parent, whereas Brooke is a mess.

Some highlights of Sheen's involvement with the brood of kiddos:

  • Sept. 22: We all had dinner together. Charlie stayed until bedtime.
  • Sept. 25: Visit after school till after dinner.
  • Sept. 29: We all went to watch our daughters ride, petting zoo, and dinner with friends.
  • Oct. 2: Boys and their dad and I took the girls to their dance class after school. Bob and Lola put on a dance show for all of us before bed. Their father stayed until bedtime.
  • Oct. 4: Boys field trip for school. We all went together. Spent the morning until 1:30 p.m.
  • Oct. 6: Charlie was with us for the boys' drum lesson. Watched them play and went to play ball with boys. His friend and sons met us as well.
  • Oct. 9: I had friends and their kids over for a dinner party. Charlie was with us; left after bedtime.
  • Oct. 16: The kids all came to my set at work. Charlie met us. At my break we all ate together.
  • Oct. 20: Charlie and his chef came over and she made brunch for us. Sam had a big project for school he spent time working on that. And also did art with boys.
  • Oct. 23: Dinner/homework with girls. Read stories to the kids.
  • Oct. 27: Spent late afternoon into evening with us.
  • Oct. 31: Went trick or treating with us, came back to my house to help put everyone to bed.

Denise sent the material to DCFS in an attempt to show how it has become impossible to care for Bob and Max because of Brooke Mueller's interference.

Brooke tried to get the judge to strip Denise of guardianship Wednesday but failed. She did, however, get a restraining order against Charlie temporarily.

Sheen has made it clear that he is declaring war on Brooke and DCFS, though a judge warned him he will go to jail if he violates the case's gag order.

In short ... it's a mess. But it sounds like the kids are happy!


And I'd add, that Denise is starting to sound like a world class enabler! Why would Charlie ever feel the need to grow up & take responsibility as long as he has Denise there to wipe up the mess he creates? It's bad enough that his twins are suffering because of Charlie's lack of maturity or ethics but how much do her OWN children have to suffer before she wakes up & gets tired of his obnoxious games? I hope she wakes up while they are still young enough to not be permanently damaged by all this pathetic dysfunction that Charlie spreads & of course, BEFORE the twins seriously hurt them or their mother!


Charlie is not an amazing dad. An amazing dad doesn't say nasty things about his children's mother no matter how much he hates her. And an amazing dad doesn't lead a dysfunctional & unhealthy type of lifestyle & then glibly proclaim he's proud of that but has no intentions of giving it up for his children's sake. An amazing dad puts his children's needs above his own selfish desires. Charlie is an immature person who puts Denise in a position to try to save Charlie's children from their own mother's AND father's horrible example.

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