Chris Brown Rehab Trip: Probation Officers Are NOT IMPRESSED!

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If Chris Brown hoped that his stint in rehab for anger management would curry favor with those overseeing the Rihanna probation case, we have two words for him:

McKayla Maroney.

Sources say probation officials are not impressed and see right through what the star is trying to do by checking into rehab following his arrest for assault.

L.A. County Probation Department insiders feel that Brown's violent outbursts have become a disgrace and that the rehab ploy is "too little, too late."

The department is aggressively investigating Sunday's incident in D.C., where Chris Brown was arrested for what is now a misdemeanor charge.

Probation officers interviewed Chris Monday, hours before he received a goodbye kiss from Karrueche Tran and checked himself into a Malibu rehab center.

A source familiar with the case says: "Probation is gunning for this guy. They're embarrassed by what he's done over the last two years and they've had it."

This certainly isn't Breezy's first brush with the law in the past four years since he was placed in probation (through late 2014) for the beating of Rihanna.

Investigators will most likely submit a scathing report to the judge, who will decide whether to revoke Chris' probation. This does not require a conviction.

For a probation violation, he could face up to four years in prison at worst, regardless of the outcome of the assault case. It's all up to a judge's discretion.

The judge could wait and see how the D.C. case plays out though. If the charges are dropped, that plus the rehab trip could keep him in the clear.

You tell us: Should Chris Brown go to jail?


I will agree, you are (K) beyond fixable. Denial is such a disenchantment stance to position ones self in. There is no known cure for stupidity, that is marrow deep. Only hope is that they never reproduce.


Point & fact again disregarded.
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Stuck on 'loop' mode.


Any shit 4 brains idiot knows a little about manipulation regarding spoiled ass self centered beings. They go out looking for shit & when they find it they don't want what comes with it. This is not even a trick, what this is - its a "Word up" from his lawyer that says- MF'er - you are on probation and you screwed up again AND> AND > AND if you think your black tattooed ass is above going to jail and gettin "Butt Plugged" then Brown you are mistaken. If indeed his nappy headed woman beating ass is in Rehab- it's because it's his only chance at staying out of jail! THAT IS THE FACT!!!! And its plain even --- for the most ignorant of MF'ers!


Chris Brown going to rehab will not 'curry' favour or even slightly
alter the judge's decision.
Anyone who thinks that he can
manipulate the Law with this
action is as stupid as this article.
His lawyers obviously are aware
that going to rehab changes
nothing regarding any offences.
It's the best move for Chris to
take this time for his own health.


What a phony MF'er this one is.


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