McKayla Maroney is NOT Impressed!

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McKayla Maroney's brutally honest, unmoved reaction after winning the silver medal and not the gold in the Olympic individual vault competition earlier this week has spawned a hilarious Internet meme starring the American gymnast.

If you missed it, here's McKayla's expression:

McKayla is Not Impressed

Hey, you can't blame a girl for her high standards, or for wearing her heart (and look of disappointed apathy) on her sleeve. She just expects better.

This demanding philosophy extends to all facets of Maroney's life, it turns out.

According to a new Tumblr created in honor of the exacting vault queen, McKayla is not impressed by the well-endowed U.S. rowing team either ...

McKayla, Rowers

... or the 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton ...

McKayla, Royals

... or the courageous band of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima ...

McKayla on Iwo Jima

... or you getting into Washington State. Can you say safety school??!

McKayla, WSU
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Damn these peppers are hot.


Big daddy is a chode smoker! lol


I find your comment funny because it shows you're one of those people that tries to find any opportunity to complain about something you don't like. How miserable that must feel. Instead of making a "cool" comment(which I'm sure gave you a cheesy grin when you posted it)you just made yourself look like a bitter, jealous little man. Big


Lol, chill out, Big daddy. She's a teenager who has been doing nothing but gymnastics her whole life and she just placed second and she's bummed because she wanted first. It has nothing to do with your hatred for Americans.


Hey Big Daddy? You're right. It's really tough being a world super power that nobody likes (sniff, sniff, tear). Wait for it........blah ha ha ha ha ha ha !! Can you say 104 medals?!! bet ya'!! It's called crushing the competition. That's what's supposed to happen in the Olympics. 2nd place wasn't satisfying to McKayla, and I don't blame her.


"The height of arrogance. And why Americans have become disliked the world over. No grace, or respect for others, just plain old selfishness and vanity." Non sequitur, let alone the irony of calling the kettle black. Please think before you embarrass yourself next time.


The height of arrogance. And why Americans have become disliked the world over. No grace, or respect for others, just plain old selfishness and vanity. Like its the Olympics fault she got beat by someone better....