Kevin G From Mean Girls: All Grown Up, Shirtless, Hot!

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No, Kevin G. Don't let the haters stop YOU from doing YOUR thang.

Especially if that thang is you getting shirtless for more pictures. Everyone's favorite MC Mathlete is all grown up. And hot.

Rajiv Surendra, who played MC Mathlete Kevin Gnapoor in Mean Girls (2004), recently posed for photographer Charles Quiles to show off his chiseled physique. He's come a long way since tearing off his shirt after the North Shore High Mathletes won their competition. 

He's certainly fared better than co-star Lindsay Lohan.

Who knew Kevin G would grow up to be such a stud! We just have one question.

Did they photoshop out his armpit hair?

Rajiv Surendra Goes Topless
Rajiv Surendra All Grown Up

Doesn't matter. We're too busy staring at The V and those biceps to pay attention to body hair. Happy Friday, indeed.

Kevin G and the Haters
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