The Originals Recap: New Adventures in New Orleans

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The CW kicked off a mighty big adventure in The Big Easy tonight.

After airing a backdoor pilot during The Vampire Diaries season 4, The Originals was ordered to series and debuted (again?) tonight. And now we're read to recap the other fruits of Plec & Co's labors in true THG fashion. Be sure to read the full The Originals review, too!

  • Big Brother: Elijah arrives in New Orleans just as the witches discover the body of Jane Anne Devereaux. He learns that Marcel, his baby brother's former protege, has prohibited witches from practicing magic in the Quarter. He's confused. 
  • Medieval TimesAfter saving Sophie Devereaux from two of Marcel's henchmen and delivering a smooth "I'm Elijah. You've heard of me?" Sophie takes Elijah to the cemetery where Hayley and her unborn baby are hiding. He doesn't believe it's possible that she could be pregnant and Sophie reminds him that Klaus is no ordinary Original. Elijah mindmelds with Hayley in order to show her his family's history. Medieval Originals! YES!
  • Bathing Beauty: Rebekah takes the longest bath in the history of Mystic Falls. A bath so long she talks to Elijah while she's sipping champs in the tub and again just as she's finishing her soak. She's firmly not Team Klaus and doesn't care that he might be a proud papa. Stab me once, shame on you. Stab me twice, shame on me. Baby sister learned her lesson and plans to stay far away from her brother.
  • There Are Rules: Rules, rules, rules! Everybody's got rules! Marcel has rules. The witches have rules. Klaus hates rules! To fight back against the (wo)man holding him down, Klaus does what Klaus does and throws a big ol' tantrum which includes were-biting a vampire and telling Sophie to go ahead and kill Hayley and the baby.
  • The Negotiator: Elijah brokers a deal with Marcel to get some Klausblood for his vampire solider. Marcel proves once again that he's great with the ranty ranting. Elijah, as always, proves that he's great at everything. Klaus agrees to help the witches. Hayley gets to live. The three of them move into a plantation home like one big happy...
  • Back In The Box: After learning that Elijah believes the baby will heal their family and bring them back together, always and forever just like they said, Klaus believes Elijah to be a liability and daggers him. Again. Maybe he should've listened to Rebekah.

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