The Vampire Diaries Recap: Welcome to Whitmore

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And... we're off and running on The Vampire Diaries Season 5!

Or off and killing, we should say.

The premiere of this CW smash featured a pair of shocking deaths, one of a recurring character from last year and one of someone we just met. Which will have a greater impact on our heroes and heroines? And what did we learn overall from "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Let's run it all down below!

  • Paul Wesley is so darn good at being bad. No offense, Stefan, but go right ahead and remain under that water for awhile. Like he did while playing the "Ripper" side of his beloved Salvatore brother, Wesley simply excels at being evil. You can just see in his eyes how much he relishes the role.

Well, Bonnie's father can't see it. Not anymore. He's dead. And all because Silas had to prove his wrath in order to prompt the citizens of Mystic Falls to help him track dow Katherine.

But to what possible end? That's the lingering question.

  • Matt is The Man. He had a threesome. And one of the three people involved was Rebekah. All bow down before Matt. Bow way, way, way down.

But might his sex-capades prove to be deadly? Even if he was using protecting throughout? This Nadia person showed up Stateside, gave Matt his ring back and then participated in his takedown. We ask the same thing we asked about: To what end? What does Nadia want?

  • Delena is alive and well. We're talking sex everything, smiles abounding, the L Word flowing. Many TVD viewers never thought they'd see the day, but it's arrived. Damon and Elena are one very happy couple.

Will it last? Let's hope so. The series has been bogged down too often with Elena and her indecisiveness.

  • College is stressful! All those classes. Those irritating shower scandals. Those roommates who plummet to their death from the rooftop of a frat party. I was intrigued enough by the presence of Megan and her Vervain-filled water bottle before she was killed off.

But this raises a slew of questions: Who killed her? Is the campus police covering it up? And what the heck does Elena's father have to do with all of it?!?

  • Bonnie is a ghost and only Jeremy can communicate with her. That's about it. Can't say we care too much about that storyline.

So we're left wondering where Katherine ran off to... what Nadia wants... if Tyler will ever return... whether or not Jeremy and Damon can co-exist as roommate and if Stefan's future will be filled with water and seaweed for the rest of his days.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is off to a fast, fresh start, with a number of new, intriguing storylines to follow. Which is your favorite? And what did you think of this premiere?

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