Pauly D, Baby Mama Battling For Custody of Love Child

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Jersey Shore star Pauly D, recently revealed to be a father for the first time, is in the midst of a battle with his baby mama over custody and money.

Pauly doesn't believe the woman is a fit mother, pointing to the fact that she once worked at Hooters and has another child as well, all at age 25.

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Pauly is seeking custody in court documents, even though he has not seen the child, who was born than May, in her life (which he clearly wants to change).

The mother, Amanda, is also demanding child support, which the reality star and DJ is not happy with - and not because he won't take care of the baby.

Pauly D is a father, having taken a DNA test and expressed that he will provide for his daughter financially, but doesn't appreciate how this is being handled.

Specifically, he doesn't like the fact that his offspring is being treated like a winning lotto ticket. See photo above for an illustration for what he means.

The baby was conceived one drunken night in Las Vegas, where Pauly DJs. If you've seen Jersey Shore, you know he has no problem finding DTF chicks.

Guess something happened in the contraception department this time, however, because it was unplanned and the two straight up hate each other.

Nevertheless, Pauly has said that he's excited to be a father and we hope he gets the chance to prove it after resolving this unusual situation amicably.


Douchebag. I had two kids by 24, never went on government subsidy or begged off others. I hold a full time career and own my own house at 27 so maybe might want to rethink that comment >.>


Okay there are several things wrong with this story. First of all, that's not their baby. If you want to see the real Amabelle, here's the link second, she's not 25, she's 26. Third, who says you can't be a mother of two by age 26 holy shit. This is proof of fake stories crappy websites like these make up.

@ KaDee

You have to much time on your hands. LOL


Working at Hooters is nothing to brag about, but it certainly doesn't make this woman an unfit mother! At least she is working and trying to provide for her offspring.

@ Rayna

I don't see nothing wrong with hooters. It's not a strip joint. They wear more clothes than most girls in the summer

@ lynn

100% agree

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