Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special: A Major Disappointment?

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Wait... was that a Pretty Little Liars episode or a prequel to Ravenswood?

This beloved ABC Family drama aired its third annual Halloween special last night, but a majority of the hour was dedicated to hyping the spinoff that premiered immediately following the actions of Hanna, Aria and company.

We spent a lot of time - seriously, A LOT of time! - with Miranda, who befriended Caleb and who has learned that dead people are still roaming the planet.

She seems nice and all and we'll get to know her a lot better on Ravenswood… but isn't that what Ravenswood itself is for? We tune in to Pretty Little Liars for the pretty little liars themselves.

The young ladies did at least follow a secret passage and wind up in some scary mansion where they chased a recording of Ali's screams.

And just when it seemed like nothing at all would be accomplished, the series did still manage to end with a shocker: Alison is very much alive!

But she doesn't have a ton to say apparently, simply telling Aria that her boyfriend is bad news and reminding Hanna of what was said in the hospital.

Remember? In Season 1? When Ali told her pal that all four girls were aware of what happened to her, they just didn't realize it? Does this mean those memories are somehow buried? Or that each gal knows a little piece of the puzzle and the rest of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 will be spent piecing it together?

The series returns with new episodes on January 7.

For now, chime in: What did you think of the PLL Halloween special?

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