Nina Dobrev: Topless for Obamacare!

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Nina Dobrev is reportedly dating Derek Hough.

But The Vampire Diaries actress nearly gives fans a look at certain body parts reserved for this new boyfriend in a WhoSay image with a political agenda:

She's holding a sign up over her boobs that encourages folks to #GetCoverage and which shows support for the Affordable Health Care Act, which went into effect on Tuesday:

Nina Dobrev Topless

“Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all," Dobrev wrote as a caption to the photo. "If you dont have insurance go to [] and#GetCovered ,Because w/o it, youre naked.”

Translation: Kate Upton, please do not get coverage!

The fight over this act has led to a government shutdown, with over 800,000 employees forced to stay home and national parks/monuments closed until Congress can each a budgetary agreement. What a mess.


Sorry, but Nina looks dreadful in that photo. Sickly thin drawn out face makes her nose look huuuge. Those bones need a good feed.


Must be something in the water in LA making women show their breasts for any and every cause. Let's drop Obomacare and become a third world country.


Yeah they have healthcare for all and that means all the Arab immigrants who have hardly any time in canada. They cannot fund it any longer. Obamacare will give you the opportunity to opt out and that means the old may want it but the young will no sign up and of course Obamacare cannot fund itself.


..........women care.

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