Miranda Kerr-Orlando Bloom Split: All Because of Bieber Fever?!

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Miranda Kerr's split from Orlando Bloom took a lot of fans by surprise, and a new report suggests her infatuation with Justin Bieber was a big part of it.

Seriously. The Daily Mail (UK) directly makes this assertion.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
Justin Bieber Gets Hot

The supermodel's friendship with the oft-shirtless pop star dates back more than a year now, and the actor reportedly didn't like this. Says an insider:

"Orlando heard that there had been some ­flirting ­going on and he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it ... Miranda always claimed she was a fan of Justin’s music."

And then there's this hilarious gem, regarding son Finn: "She has taught her son how to say 'Bieber Fever' but it is supposed to have caused an issue."

Hearsay aside, there's no disputing that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are over, and that she and Justin cozied up at a 2012 Victoria's Secret show.

Afterwards, it is believed that the pair partied ­together at a nearby hotel into the early hours with other models from the annual sexy catwalk show.

There's also no denying that Justin Bieber was only 18, and was on a break from on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez at the time of that super encounter.

All of which made for a very unlikely, buzzed -about friendship.

Orlando is reported to have been jealous of her fascination with the celeb from that point on. Not everyone has a bad case of Bieber Fever, it seems.

Despite their rift, the couple are still living under the same roof in their New York home and were spotted taking two-year-old son to a family lunch.

They're keeping it amicable for him if nothing else. Yet somehow we don't expect she watches any Justin Bieber videos on YouTube while he's around.


I believe the two had something rather
despite being new justin it has schmoozing with women can do well
is an incurable romantic all women like it
and he hypnotizes with your look and beauty
it really is impossible not wanting resisitir temptation


If Miranda Kerr has Bieber fever and let it ruin her marriage to someone way better looking than the Bieber, then she needs to have her head examined. She is way too immature to even be in a marriage.


C'mon, people: Get A Life!!


I was shocked to hear about Orlando bloom and Amanda Kerr I thought how lovely couple they were together it is a shame they split up and now they got the baby to priotise on now how they stay friends with each other.

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