Miley Cyrus Caption Contest: What's She Saying?

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Welcome, fans, to another edition of the THG Caption Contest!

Our latest image comes courtesy of Miley Cyrus' appearance on Today this week, as the singer did her Twerk-tastic thing on stage in NYC, belting out "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop."

And she did so alongside a couple of vertically-challenged people as well... because that's just how Miley rolls.

With no disrespect meant toward this little person, we couldn't help but see this as a prime opportunity for readers to flex their creative/witty muscle.

So have at it! Just leave comment(s) with your best caption(s) for this Miley Cyrus photo! A winner will be announced Friday - and, if you're reading this Sinead O'Connor, please be kind.

Good luck to all!

Miley Cyrus and small person

Wow, little people have bigger boobs than me!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Courtesy of reader "GG," the best caption is posted above.


"Don't drop that thun, thun, thun!"

Ethan pongen

you smelled it, didn't ya?


o dont smirk at me, you may have a bigger butt but i can stick mine out further. now tone down that twerk ur making me look bad


Quit twirling your hair honey. Throw your ass out there and twerk it like I'm showing you.


I'm 3 times bigger than you and 3 times dumber.


Miley: I'm the newest train wreck celebrity, and I need to feel better about myself by exploiting little people.


how can you not knw how to twerk??? you know they call me twerk machine!!!!its easy lemmie show you


Miley Cyrus: Now look here shrimp-o...I am WAY MORE famous and popular than you are. So, just stay the fuck out of my limelight and you won't get hurt. Thank You!!!!!


I'am So Attention staved, Pick me,pick me....


I like little Vagina's?

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