Kim Kardashian Kriticized for Sexy Selfie, Told to Act "Like a Mother"

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Kourtney Kardashian is no longer the only person telling her sister to act like a mother.

Following her release of a swimsuit-based selfie this week, Kim Kardashian is receiving a rash of criticism online, as those who formerly found this star's antics to be sexy and alluring are now taking a very different view of her raunchy ways.

She is a parent now, after all. She has a five-month old at home. What will North West think when she eventually Googles her mom?

"Kim Kardashian you are a MOTHER now I don't think posting pictures of your ass on Instagram is appropriate," wrote one Twitter user in response to the image above, while others chimed in with:

  • "What the hell Kim? You are an actual mother. Instead of posting pictures of your precious baby, you post pictures of your f***ing ass and body. You should be ashamed of yourself posting this."
  • "You're a mother, not a prostitute."
  • “Smh @ Kim Kardashian's latest selfie. Put on some mom jeans and go feed Compass.”

Comedian Jenny Johnson, who has called out Chris Brown many times in the past, re-tweeted Kim's post and simply wrote sarcastically: “You're an amazing mom."

We know where Kanye stands on the selfie ("HEADING HOME NOW" he wrote as a TMI reply), but where do you stand on the latest Kim Kardashian Instagram photo?

It is...


For my two cents! They should not let children like you on the internet. Where are your parents!?


I feel like Mon or not Im sick of seeing her half naked... I've seen it so.much like really its nice but I already know what she looks like and know she still has it so to me its just vain....

Anita simmons kearney

I am so tired of people acting like cause you have a baby your SEXY has to go out the window. Damned all of you sound like a bunch of jealous hags. I am not even a fan of this girls but I could not sit here read this drivel and not defend her right to still be a vibrant and sexy female. Motherhood does not mean you have to suddenly put on a habit or baggy jeans or cover your body from head to toe. The way you guys are bashing her you would think that you agree with the Taliban. Not one person said any of this crap to CHER or any other personality who had a baby. How many Victoria's Secret Models have children. They prance around half naked all the time. Leave the Lady alone damned and about her not being married-hell with her money she could have had 8 kids and taking care of them not be an issue.You people are unf'nbelieveable...geesh


Kim is so beautiful here..just because she poses does not make her a bad mom and i dont think she is famous for the sex tape..ive never seen it..she is beautiful and sweet thats why i keep up tuning in..i love how close the family is and how each one has something to one should judge because it is a reflection of you..god bless kim and her beautiful baby...


A real women don't act like this!

@ Gross



I just hope that when they tell Kim to act like a mom they are also telling Heidi Klum the same thing.


America the situation with Kim Kardashian, is the fact she is constantly complaining these days of the PAPS but at the sametime along with her sister KHLOE,kendall,kylie putting their selfie pics all over the internet for the world to see of themselves. Now when they go out in front of the paps who they call every time they leave their homes they complain. One day someone is going to actually walk up on one them and it is going to be a serious situations that the kardashians set themselves up to get hurt,kidnap,etc. Kims NWTTHP now 4 months and America has not seen any bonding pics of kim,or kanye holding NWTTHP other than at that funeral which the baby looked like doll that kim was carrying. I am beginning to think something is wrong with the baby and they are ashamed of her,every since NWTTHP has come into the picture it has not been easy for kim adjusting to motherhood.Kourtney has even stated for kim needs to get her priorities in checked, kim kard is still going around as if she is still single with no BABY ok. The family is truly wicked evil and CURSED why would Rob say in his interviews he does not want anything to do with the KARDASHIANS reality show he just want to focus on his SOCKS collection which is to expensive for the poor to buy so robs socks must be for the rich only. Rob has never been on that same page with kardashians and jenner girls why because he is the BLACK SHEEP of the family Kris Jenner loves her kkk and jenner girls more than she loves ROB and he knows the truth of everything that is why he has his own issues. It is what it is people.

@ curious

Get a life!


Pple r fond f preying on pple dt av more success than they do, Beckham is a father modeling briefs with his dick visible, why don't you teach him 2be a better parent? She's living her life making money ur fighting for a baby that's richer than u, berra face ur own.... U don chop?


Well to be fair though, has Kim had a decent role model for what a mom should act like? Kris is a publicity monger who has whored her beautiful but devoid-of-any-useful-purpose-daughters out to the highest bidder. Every chance she got. So it shouldn't be shocking Kim is just gonna keep doing what she always done. She has little basis to know to act otherwise. Hope they have a special therapy fund for North West. Kid's gonna need it.


She is what she is- a skank just like that nasty mother of hers. Any of you have daughters? Would you like them to follow? Her resume is nothing but spreading her fat ass legs. The only talent she owns is manipulation.

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