Kourtney Kardashian to Kim Kardashian: Act Like a Mother!!!

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The Kardashians really are playing family feud these days.

Kris Jenner is separated from Bruce Jenner. Khloe Kardashian is estranged from Lamar Odom.

And, according to the latest issue of Life & Style, Kourtney Kardashian is none too pleased with Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style Cover

Insiders tell the magazine that Kourtney is aghast at Kim's trip to Paris with Kanye West last week.

Yes, it was her first time leaving daughter North West after giving birth in July… but it was still one time too many, according to Kourtney.

The cover story alleges that Kourtney is peeved at her sister for abandoning a four-month old just to enjoy a few "wild parties, trashy outfits and fashion shows" and that Kim has to stop up and ACT LIKE A MOM ALREADY!

Kim, of course, expressed how much she missed little Nori by posting a picture of North West on Instagram toward the end of the vacation. But that apparently wasn't enough for Kourtney.

What do you make of this supposed feud? Is Kim Kardashian a good mother?


Ok so anyone with a drop of sense knows this is a lie, but hey they know there are sheep out there that will believe it and run with it. Sad,


Kourtney does seem to have her priorities right. Have no idea as I am guessing that the nanny(s) doing the bulk of the mommy chores and will continue to do so. Nothing surprising here.

@ Spare+me

There are NO NANNIES! Kourtney looks after her 2 children and if she has to step out for whatever reason, one of the others babysits.If they all had nannies, there would be no REAL reason for Kourtney to get pissed at Kim. I think that Kim realizes now that going to Paris was wrong . She'll have to live with the guilt.


We already knew that she was not going to be a good mom.
Self absorbed G..H. With that blonde hair she look like a street whore. KHLOE I wish you happiness. Hope one day you get to have a child you have so much love to give unlike that trashy sister of yours.


I could see going away for a weekend to have some together time. But out of the country? If something happened to the child it would take hours to get home.


How should I know?!?


More made-up b.s. for their crap-ass TV show!


I wondered myself how could she?! Most mothers don't want to even go out one night for a couple of hours, and this bimbette takes off for a week plus?! My guess is she needs to install strobe lights in her home to simulate cameras flashing coz she's a total media whore!


remember the episode from season one where Kris took the girls to the gun range and tried to force them to buy guns? now this season she tries to act like she never shot one and is totally against it? fucking liar.


addicted to stardom is indeed a big stone in the shoe of mothers like kim & khloe, folks.

@ abe

NEWS FLASH! KHLOE doesn't have any children.


Stay home & let Nori pee on you. We'd love to see the tape.

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