Guy Hits on Girl Via Creepy Viral Video, Kicks Off #StarbucksDrakeHands Trend

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Say hello to the worst pick-up artist of all-time.

And now say thank you to him for creating one of our favorite recent viral videos.

The video of an Instagram user has gone viral after he met a girl at Starbucks... got her number... and then sent her a MMS message that was his attempt to silently seduce her.

At least that's what we think the goal was.

With his lustful looks, sensual hand gestures and the mood-setting soundtrack of the hot Drake single "Hold On, We’re Going Home," how could she resist?

Quite easily, apparently. The girl shared this video with friends and the trend #StarbucksDrakeHands was born, with his moves being memed all over the web.

Check out the video above to see the wannabe Casanova in all his glory, along with some of the best parodies, then heed these wise words of pickup advice:

Just try sing some Taylor Swift lyrics to your desired mate. Works every time.

UPDATE: This guy's name is Brody Ryan and the girl he hit on is an actress named Piper Kennedy.


Good hair. But very CREEPY!


DJBroc isn't the guy in the video... @sirbrodag is the guy in the video..

Avatar This guy is waaaaaaay creeeeepier. #starbuckdrakehands


It might just be me, but I think that the creepy dude resembles actor Guy Pierce with excellent hair. To be honest, he's really not that bad. I don't even think the video he made was creepy in least. His video was basically the modern day love letter....sure he was vain, but what cute guy isn't? I think the guy was kinda fine. No judgment over here ;-)

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