Chris Brown SLAMS Rihanna in "I'm Still" Verse: Listen Now!

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Chris Brown is lashing out at Rihanna in the new DJ Khaled song "I’m Still," a collaboration with Breezy and other stars in the R&B / hip-hop genres.

While the original boasts rhymes from Ace Hood, Wiz Khalifa and Wale, Chris Brown has no problem taking the spotlight on this gritty, unreleased verse.

He raps, “Every n--ga in the industry done f--ked my b--ch/ And all my n--gas said I told ya / Now all these rap n--gas wanna be political."

"Nah, f--k that I’m a real lyrical killer!”

The unreleased verse did not make the cut for Khaled's album, but hit the Internet this week with much fanfare, given the controversial subject matter.

The 24-year-old, who recently said he lost his virginity at age 8, split up with Rihanna for the most recent time in May after their very public reconciliation.

While he has repeatedly said beating Rihanna in 2009 was his deepest regret, he doesn't seem to regret dropping non-subtle lyrical bombs at her expense.

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This was a girl who was beaten by his hands, but still innocently loved him, he asked her back and she went against the whole world putting her career at risk. She went and stood by him in court, ever body was enraged by her action, and this all she gets from him? All because she broke up with him for his own actions and does not want him back. He is physically, mentally and verbally abusive. He is trying to paint this picture of her so that nobody ask her out, or so she can feel that he is the only person that lives her. This is not the first time, he has done this before, just before they could get back together ; he took a verse from Kenye West "Thera Flu" and said those same words (mental abuse). In his little stupid head, he think it is going to work this time around. She has gotten the closure she needed and has moved on from his bull, now he is hurting and pretending to be in love with the same person he dumped to get back with her, thinking she will care and come running back. She tries to avoid him, but he is still trying to be connected to her in every way, shape and form, calling her "my bitch" in the above song, he thinks he owns her, every time some body else tries to get close to her, he goes off on these childish twitter ranks calling her names. He has a girl, why can't he be happy and leave Rihanna alone. We all know Chris truly loves, they started dating when they were only 16yrs and 17yrs so first cut is always going to be the deepest for both of them, first love and first heart break all in one. I guess he has been calling trying to talk to her, but she's not having it, so in his little childish mind, the only thing he can do is to call her names, because he is butt hurt, heart broken and mad. He wants her but is unable to keep her. Never order what you can not afford.


Only half right but I guess u must be a Rihanna fan well if you don't like cb just don't listen to him that includes"theraflu"


Just when it couldn't get any messier ay Chrez? If it was intended to generate demand for X, it was a miscalculated risk. & he threatens the livelihood of his own X. Chris may have forgotten many things including the fact that he shares a fanbase with his “soulmate” that he dissed. Chris, all your fans have grown up. It tells us that you haven’t matured or you’re listening to the few 13-16yo teeny boppers who blindly adore you. If you choose to grow with us, we’ve actually acquired a few more pennies to our name along with discernment about how we will expend it..Not hard maths, just powerful consumerism at its best. If you know how to stay with that, we’ll keep supporting you for a while longer. & purely speculative but it's all making sense why RI has left CB behind. She won’t share. & he can’t stand that she refuses to prop up his cohabitative little triangle with fuglee midget & feed his ego…Dat Bajan is clever allright! Chris, hope you’re ready for when she starts dating those beautiful handsome hunks…But more than that, we hope this singer gets it together because he’s an adult now. & he has only a small window left before God forbid, he becomes a club host and ends up a wedding singer. We hate it when talented people squander their gifts!

@ LAxx88

Well said Refugee Midget oh fuglee midget lol ok ok


We think that Drake needs to hit Chris Brown in the head with a beer bottle again for a filthy mouth. Hope Rihanna finds someone to date again who puts his abusive ass in his place again.

@ James Smith


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