Chris Brown: Beating Rihanna "Deepest Regret of My Life"

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In an interview with the Mirror (UK), the controversial and oft-maligned Chris Brown calls beating Rihanna the "deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake."

Many will never get past what he did, but his woman has. Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, dealing with the backlash as a united front.

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Breezy adds of that night he assaulted her in 2009, and the aftermath:

"Sometimes you fight with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals. But she loves me ... what can I say? I’m forgiven ... but, yes, I worked hard for it.”

As for Seth MacFarlane bashing him during the Academy Awards on Sunday, Brown said, "People attack me and criticize me, it happens all the time."

"They don’t know me, and they don’t know us. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Other people can judge us but in the end they don’t know anything."

It certainly has bothered him in the past (we've seen the broken windows and Twitter rampages), but it's possible he really is at peace with it all now.

Chris Brown and Rihanna back together: Your take?

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Dear Ronnie Corral i feel for you baby! i have never and dont condone abusing women! I have sisters and daughters and if somebody touch em he killed hiself! im still happy for Chris and RiRi to work it out all situations are not the same! your ex was probably broke with low self esteem and no other women!


Those of you 50% who voted GOOD 4 THEM have obviously NEVER been in a relationship w/an ABUSIVE man this man is SICK AND NEEDS HELP she needs to MOVE ON trust me this is comin' from a woman who wuz nearly killed by a man who "LOVED" HER.


Rihanna isn't saying anything. We would like to know how she feels.


I'm elated for Breezy and RiRi! Let them Live! she know what she got and want. When you have your ladies in pocket you always got them no matter who their with or who the marry. They will always come home to DADDY!


It's their life and their decision to make. People should just leave them alone. They kind of remind me of Whitney and Bobby when they were young. They kept taking picures trying to depict their love, and to prove to others that they can make it work. I would recommend that these two stop posting Twitter pics, etc. and get on with their lives privately if they really want their relationship to work over the long run. They don't need all the spectacle. What does it really prove?


Seriously have to say as a bunch of armchair phsycologists, I really have to hand it to you all as a complete "if it was me, this is what I'd do" bunch of armchair not quarterbacks but "phsycologists", I might not agree as to what is politically correct but after two and a half years, and walking away, she still as does he have feelings, I am not condoning what he did, but instead of going off on things that do not actually concern us personally, let's wish them luck and hope that after all of the press not just on them but all other cases of abuse that maybe this is the one time or the start of many times that the "jerk" might have learned and perhaps started to rehabilitate,and if not let us still try to help her if it happens again. Must be hard to maintain a stance when the whole world"seriously" judges, and your YOUNG heart tells you different, I would like to know how many non-public people have done the same thing and turned out ok, at least CB knows the world is watching and so are the people closest to them.
I realize the stats are against them but hope this might be the one in a million. Grow up Chris and get over your wanna be tough guy shite, you have an amazing woman behind you to forfiet her career to put her faith and trust in you.

@ Queen of the crows

What do you know? about this subject until you have been involved w/a man like that keep your MOUTH SHUT THEY DON'T CHANGE THEY WILL GO ON AGAIN & AGAIN FORGIVENESS IS A LICENSE TO REABUSE.

@ Queen of the crows

You really make the same point as everyone else here does being that the odds are definitely against rehibilitation even under the best circumstances but in review the answer to the question of CB's alleged rehabilitation is evidenced by his just having been in a parking lot fight only a month ago. NOPE! No rehab in sight for him. Its all another con game. Having hope is respectable but in this case the odds are similar to the chance of turning water into gold and a wasted effort. The best Las Vegas odds would be that he eventually kills her or her kill him. Its just a matter of time. Being a phychologist isn't required to read simple stats and observe that nothing has really changed.


The only thing Brown regrets is that he got caught and everyone knows. That in itself is a deterrent to future beatings but its 99% likely it's only a temporary stay of execution. I say "execution" because with current trends in gun control and so many pro-woman's rights groups out there needing a big name example to further more lobbying for money it's quite likely that they'll be pushed to the limits so that Brown, in a fit of rage will grab an illegal gun and kill Rihanna giving political agendas just what they need. Conspiracy theory? (Laughing hard) When it happens you tell me. Ill give you other examples.


I do not condone this incident in any way but it did happen a very long time ago and he took the punishment and the ire of the public on the chin. What happens now is nobody's business but their own. I truly hope (as I am sure they both do) that something of that nature does not reoccur but if the public and press don't stop talking about it, it could drive even a saint to distraction. Draw a line under it and let them get on with their personal lives. After all, they deserve some private time and a life away from the cameras. They are young, give them a chance.


Her taking him back is just like saying what you did to me is cool.Talk about super low self esteem....Truly sad that she feels she cant do better and what is sadder is that she settles for him.


EEEWWWWW!!!! it's what they do, beat their women. no chance for happiness here!!!! lol....

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