Brian Dawe: Dating Farrah Abraham For Some Reason!

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Farrah Abraham has a new boyfriend in DJ Brian Dawe, who appears to be willing to admit this no less. They have taken the budding romance public.

Dressed in a blue dress and leather jacket, the mom-of-one looked relaxed as she kissed and cuddled her new beau during an early evening stroll:

The two have been dating for five months, meaning they got together after Farrah Abraham shot her "leaked" sex tape with a porn star James Deen.

It's been a whirlwind year for the former Teen Mom star in any case, and not just because of the scandalous porno she filmed. Okay, mostly that's why.

Since then, though, she has ridden her 15 minutes harder than ... you know.

When she's not trolling sugar daddy sites, doing strip club appearances or making sex toys to spice up your marriage ... okay, that's what she's doing mostly.

Through it all, though, her top priority is being a mom to four-year-old Sophia. She's so awesome at it that she even got a mom tattoo in her own honor.

Sure, Sophia does her own thing. But it's all about independence, you guys!

As for Dawe, the celebrity DJ has been featured on VH1's Master of the Mix. It's not clear how they started dating, or what his motivation is for doing so.

Good luck Brian!




he loves to cook?


This won't last.


She had him at Back Door Mom.


Maybe he will straighten her up. Doubt it though. She's really messed up. Also why is everyone giving her all this attention? It's what she wants..


The fact that she called in the paps to photograph this "wonderful event" begs the question of the genuiness of this relationship. And sorry, no, they have not been together for 5 months. And what, he lives in Orlando? She lives in Austin. If she wants to keep this relationship going, then she better stop using it as another tool be "famous"... Guys don't like to be famewhore props. Otherwise, hope it works for them. Maybe if she is happy, she will become somewhat normal.


Since sex tapes not on my top ten, haven't a clue who this chick is? LA is loaded with full fledged stars but nothing written about any of them. Guess one has to make a sex tape or get naked to get attention on this site.


Wonder how much she paid this guy to pose for the pap? The 5 month story doesn't hold up since in her reality she was in a relationship with James Deen. Now that vivid and her pr firm fired her and she is finished with her strip club appearances, she will probably try again to get on couples therapy with this fake boyfriend. Anyone who believes this relationship is real also believes she is a millionaire and drives a tesla and lives in a mansion. I have never seen such a disturbed woman get so much attention.


Another day, another fake Farrah story. She's already faked 2 previous "relationships" , (one with the guy she tried to recruit so that she could get on "Couple's Therapy & one with James Deen) why not a 3rd? Isn't if funny how this "relationship" popped up right when she needed a new story to make herself look "normal" as she tries to shed her p0rn star image? And I'm sure he was more than happy to play along since he needs all the publicity he can get as a "DJ". Besides, even of this was real, it won't last for long...narcissistic sociopaths are kinda hard to live with!

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