Zac Efron: Overdose on "Hillbilly Heroin" and Booze to Blame For Rehab Stint?

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A new report has shed light on Zac Efron's recent trip to rehab. Sources say he overdosed on the powerful painkiller oxycodone, also known as “hillbilly heroin.” 

After a wild night of drinking and using the prescription drug, Zac reportedly passed out had to be revived by fellow party guests back on January 3.

“I was scared for him,” an eyewitness said of the actor, who secretly went to rehab. “If he doesn’t clean himself up, he’ll be Hollywood’s next big drug tragedy.”

The eyewitness allegedly passed a polygraph test and claims Efron consumed a massive amount the oxycodone, as well as Adderall and marijuana.

The source says Efron needed to score the prescription pills, which go for about $30 a pill, on the street, and requested that party guests buy 40 pills.

He also allegedly battled a cocaine addiction, though that is not mentioned in this report, which centers on the actor's use of the hardcore Rx drug.

“If he didn’t have such a need for the oxy, I don’t think he would have let us come into the room,” the source said of the alleged, infamous hotel party.

“He was like a junkie. He wanted the drugs so bad."

"This was the only way he could get them.”

The source indicates that Efron’s suite was littered with empty alcohol bottles and that while most users crush an oxy pill and snort it, “Zac doubled that.”

“He went through a lot of pills even though it was clear he was entering a danger zone,” the source added, along with the fact that Efron had sex with a brunette.

“My worst fear was that he had died from an overdose.”

Zac Efron completed a rehab stint in the spring to deal with his substance abuse issues. Whether this is true or not, here's hoping he's on the right track now.

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