Zac Efron Cocaine Addiction Blamed on Bad Influences, Parental Problems, "Girl Issues"

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The surprises keep coming in regard to Zac Efron.

A few days after sources confirmed the actor secretly attended rehab in early 2013, and following rumors that this visit was due to a cocaine addiction, TMZ now has an update on the previous state of the star.

Efron allegedly attempted to kick his drug habit in March via an outpatient program in California, residing in a private home and talking to a counselor for several weeks.

But he then relapsed about a month later, not showing up on the set of the film Neighbors and eventually checking in to a second outpatient program.

Why did Efron fall prey to such a dangerous addiction? Insiders cite four main reasons:

  1. His controlling parents.
  2. His faltering movie career.
  3. "Girl issues," although the source was quick to say these did not include Vanessa Hudgens.
  4. A "bad" group of friends with a negative influence on Zac, most of whom are now out of his life.

Let's all hope and pray that really is the case and that Hollywood won't soon be shocked by another Cory Monteith type of tragedy.


It's all too common for these young stars to delve into drugs and booze to relieve them of the cares of this world! Notice, most hook up with people who are users (and loosers) and in some cases, wind up dead or burned out with no future left to them! It's ego and money --too much of both.

@ Paul Scheckel

Zac Efron seems to be the antithesis of Egocentric. His 2 previous treatments failed because he insisted on a private rehab method where the doctors visit but do not stay.Zac was too ashamed of his addiction to even go to a private rehab.He did not want Any attention drawn to him.Zac also feels torn by the dysfunction in his family.This guy,
who appears to have all the Looks and Charm, apparently has problems with the ladies.To top it off, Zac has failed to have the Movie career that seemed so imminent with his previous success.He was obviously trying to dull alot of stress & disappointment and alcohol & drugs did the trick for a while.I see no evidence of an egotistical guy,actually just the opposite. When it's just a regular Joe,
no-one ever accuses him of being an egotist or greedy.When it's a celebrity, it's pretty much a given that fame & money drove them to it.It's an easy answer that requires no thought & perhaps makes one feel better about their own circumstances.
Zac has a lot to deal with & he should be respected for his humility & gracious manner.


please don't make a big thing out of this. then its going to be every where and the stress of it will make him look like a zombie and then questions will be coming out: "Zac Efron: STILL ON COCAIN?!" and he wont be, but the stress will make him look like he is and the drug are a stress releiver and so he'll get back on it. it'll start with one little sniff, just to take the edge off things. then the one sniff isn't enough so he try 2, then 3, then 4.just please, leave it at this.

@ Hailey

agreed! This kind of pressure will suck him right back in. and what faltering movie career? How many movies do you have to do in a year for your career not to falter? It's ridiculous.


I would have thought it had to do with his height. Hard being a heart throb when you are 5'6". Short men have big issues.


I'm glad that the man got the help he deserves. Hope he stays sober. Such a really great actor.


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