Miley Cyrus on Weed: So Much Better Than Cocaine!

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Miley Cyrus has already offered some advice to Justin Bieber: Grow up.


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    She's scared of cats because she's a dog. A mad one too

    @ iwata

    Nasty.,but I don't know why else
    she would dis the poor


    I love how she says she wants everyone to like her but up there talking about the VMA's she knocks people from an entire state. May not live there now but I am Kansan through and through as a lot are. I like some of her music but some I her antics worry me. She is young and been in the spotlight for such a long time that it is like she has to do all this to shed the "Hannah Montana" image still. We all know she isn't Hannah and is a different, older, more mature person but she needs to realize she doesn't have to keep proving it.


    First class idiot on display.


    cats are not creepy miley you just havent met the right one.

    @ heather

    I'm not sure if you are talking about men? As in 'he's a cool cat.'
    I stuck up for you ,Miley, but now
    I 'm 'Hissed Off.'
    All cats are Beautiful.


    How is cocaine "gross and dark"? It's freaking white.

    @ Elisa

    She means the effects that is has on you.


    Thanks to Miley for being such a good role model to all the "tweeners" who have made her rich. Rock on, girl. Just keep on with the lifestyle and the drugs and fry that brain.
    It was obvious that Amanda Bynes was/is ill. Miley? Just a mess. A nasty, narcissistic mess.
    Stupid me for feeding into it and clicking into this story, aiding in giving this mess any attention. Rest assured, I won't in the future. Maybe if we ignore it, it will please go away. Please.


    thats a very bitchy statement. If she really said so somebody should help me tell her that she is a bitch in the hole.


    thats a very bitchy statement. If she really said so somebody should help me tell her that she is a bitch in the hole.


    well now she has even made the 'cat' people mad lol

    @ scott

    Oh Scott.You are so right. I was
    actually,as usual,admiring her
    blatant honesty.Been singin her
    songs ,the cats all lookin at me
    with love & now she says T HAT.
    This might be the Dealbreaker.
    (I'm serious)


    I think everyone got that you are a fun partying club girl. The pap remarks make nonsense since everything she does is geared to get press attention. I find it hard to believe she's into any kind of hard drugs. She's too focused on getting her music out there. And it seems to be working. I hope she doesn't flash out.

    @ Spare+me

    That remark did make sense as she continued on to say that if
    the cameras weren't there,she'd
    start to wonder who is bigger etc.
    I thought she was really candid
    & basically addressed everything
    the way she sees it. I think she may do her drugs of choice at a party once in a while but you are
    right, she is way too focused to
    be a serious user.I think Miley is
    too smart & determined to'flash out.'She'll be around for as long
    as she keeps at it.That'cat' remark however was way off.
    My cats are more loyal than
    anyone I've ever met.

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