Liam Hemsworth: Cheating on Miley Cyrus with Mystery Brunette?

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Move over, January Jones.

Liam Hemsworth has allegedly been caught cheating on Miley Cyrus with someone far less famous.

With rumors swirling that Hemsworth is still in contact with Jones, The New York Post reports that the actor swapped spit with a mystery woman earlier this month while partying at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The incident supposedly went down inside the nightclub Bungalow 8, with witnesses telling the newspaper that not only did Liam and this brunette "lock lips," they also "left [the event] together."

Scandalous! Maybe!

The actor's rep has denied the cheating allegation (“There is no truth whatsoever to any of this," he told The Post), but it's also possible Liam wasn't actually cheating on Miley.

According to multiple outlets, Hemsworth and Cyrus are on a break, as the former is reportedly unhappy over the latter's recent Video Music Awards and "Wrecking Ball" antics.

Hemsworth spent all weekend in Las Vegas, partying with fellow celebrities at a party in honor of the Floyd Mayweather fight, but Miley was nowhere to be found. What does the future hold for these two? It's unclear.

Do you think they'll survive these latest accusations?


Karma is fast Liam. No wonder your film flops. I don't agree with miley style all the time.but that doesn't.mean liam is entitled to screw around if the going is tough
And this is not.once but thrice already.


As a woman, Seeing your fiance going out or effing other women a couple of times is really emotionally wrecking esp if youre engage. Liam is more.immature than miley by doing this. He should at least have some decency to break up without third party.


miley, don't even wait for the outcome.


She cheated on him first - with a wrecking ball and hammer.

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