Lamar Odom to Shell Out $100K on Khloe Kardashian Anniversary Gift?

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Today marks the fourth wedding anniversary of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.

But, as anyone familiar with the trials and tribulations of this couple over the past few months knows, the occasion is anything but a celebratory one.

Insiders allege that the former NBA star has been holed up outside Los Angeles for days, binging on crack and even sleeping with another woman.

Umm... happy anniversary, Khloe!

However, a source tells TMZ that all hope is not lost. Why?

Lamar reportedly took a break from getting high and somehow got "well over $100,000" last night, with the intention of spending it on a massively expensive gift for his wife.

One idea? To whisk Khloe away to Santa Barbara for a night.

Of course, it seems very unlikely that Kardashian would go anywhere with Odom these days, as his ongoing misdeeds cannot be made up for with one grand gesture. Unless that gesture would be to attend rehab.

Khloe posted a message to Instagram this week that implies she's going bonkers and numerous friends say she's strongly considering a divorce.

The reality star has been reduced to hoping for a "miracle" when it comes to saving her relationship, someone in the know tells TMZ, and that miracle probably doesn't come with a $100,00 price tag.

What do you think Lamar should get Khloe for their anniversary?


Have you come off your meds again?

@ Fola

This comment was meant for the ever-insightful abe btw...


He doesn't have much of a pot or a window. The money is mostly hers to begin with, so an expensive gift is useless. Get yourself healthy Lamar. Khloe deserves that you do, or that you walk away and let her get on with her life. She's the only "K" that's really worth a danged.


why don't these morons who have so much money give money to a vet homeless shelter, or to one of our kids who has had their limbs blown off or to the spca. f idiots make me sick. and our kids go to war and these people live like this. give me a break. makes me so furious. look at the fabulous angelina jolie and brad pitt who give millions to charities and Hollywood Gossip never mentions that but has miley and the k's on display every day.

@ christieo

Nicely stated. The *K* klan is a horrible example of what the words/meaning of American means. As far as Lamar and Khloe goes, she better get ALL her ducks in a row. She has some decisions to make, and one can KNOW/REMEMBER a woman CAN'T change a MAN, he has to CHANGE himself, and if he doesn't do it, DIVORCE is the only road to OBLIVION. If it is MEANT TO BE, it will BE.

@ christieo

I agree. But then there's what's IMO, the worst of the worst...Clint Eastwood's daughter spent $100,000 on ONE danged purse. Then when her loser boyfriend nagged her for her extravagance, instead of auctioning it off on Ebay or whatever and giving the $$$ to charity, she gave it to him, and he set fire to it with a blow torch. Idiots!!!


No all black americans believe this so Abe since you don't know all black americans watch what you say idoit.


black americans still believe this is necessary with this racist family.

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