Lamar Odom: Doing Crack, Another Woman

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In a Twitter rant this week that put down his estranged father and defended the Kardashians, Lamar Odom acknowledged he is going through a "dark time."

But this doesn't mean the baller has seen the light.

Sad Lamar Odom

Not according to a new TMZ report, at least, which alleges Odom is spending all his time these days in a home about 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

There, he is holed up with two women (one of whom he's sleeping with) and smoking tons of crack. That is the former NBA star's life these days.

When he needs a re-supply, insiders claim the 33-year-old sends his driver to and from Los Angeles to purchase and deliver more hardcore drugs.

However, Lamar has grown so paranoid that the driver is instructed to only buy small quantities at a time in order to remain under the radar.

He's also been using an app on his phone, allegedly, that deletes his text messages after they're sent because he believes folks are watching him.

Odom never leaves the residence, which also includes one of his good friends.

It's the third house he's lived in over the past several weeks, as Lamar has remained on the run out of fear of being caught by the authorities.

As for his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian?

Lamar is reportedly extremely confident in her love and unafraid that she'll leave him, especially during his time of need ... despite being holed up elsewhere.

But other insiders are not so certain about that.

They say Khloe is hurt and angry and likely to file for divorce, but not until the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has finished filming.

She doesn't want this on camera. Supposedly.

Khloe and Lamar: Will it last?


Why can't I vote I don't give a sh*t?


Was Lamar doing Crack in a hotel or was he DOING CRACK in the hotel?


Lambie loves his crackie!! LMAO!! Being married to the Kardashians would make anyone drink or do drugs! Dont worry Khloe there is plenty of Black D*** out there. They will get divorced and she will get millions$$$$ That was the whole plan to begin with




I think there love is so strong they will work it out


Lamar get your best birthday gift ever; GO GET HELP !!!


Khloe your love for Lamar was always shown so don't ignore his disease he needs help although he has to accept that he needs help cause if he denies the disease there's nothing you or anyone can do, it has to come from him and that's when you stand by him!! Remember the wedding vows for better or for worse, and those women don't love him and he doesn't love them all they want is fame and they're a bunch of golddiggers. Don't loose everything you've both worked for go away just like that if you love your "Lammie" go get him fight for and with him!!!!!!! Don't listen what the news or people say cause people will ALWAYS talk : they'll even talk when they go see us in a coffin Believe me!!!! Who said life would always be pink??GO FIGHT AND HELP YOUR LAMMIE !!!!!!!!!!!! I won't accept you going thru a divorce , do what your heart says Love You & Lamar !!My dream is to one day meet you two


As much as I really like Lamar I can't handle a drug addict.I Seen to many of them destroy theirs lives and their family and the rest are buried in the ground.If she stay with him she is STUPID!


Well that's a good reason to stay married so it doesn't hurt their reality show. Like the world is not getting regular Lamar updates.

@ Spare+me

I don't think you would say something like that unless you live or love someone with that disease. And she is NOT stupid she's his wife and wives stand by their men or vice versa in things like this. And Kimberly do you have family or children?? Cause if you do you wouldn't be saying this!!


Seriously, why do we all have to hear about this junkie day in and day out...ENOUGH ALREADY...Please report something of interest. People don't care about DRUGGIES...

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