Khloe Kardadshian Quotes Alice in Wonderland, May Be Going "Bonkers"

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Lamar Odom may be smoking crack and living in a home with at least one new mistress.

And Khloe Kardashian doesn't seem to be reacting well to this new rumor.

Following talk that her husband is holed up in a private residence about 100 miles outside Los Angeles - allegedly sending his driver on drug runs and fearing that he's under constant surveillance - Khloe has once again taken to Instagram, this time posting an exchange from Alice in Wonderland:

Weird Khloe Tweet

Is Kardashian impelling that she's losing her mind as her marriage falls apart? It certainly seems so… and would anyone really blame her?

Over the past week alone, Joe Odom has trashed her and her family as bad influences on his son, while insiders continue to say it's only a matter of time before she files for divorce.

Khloe is yet to address any of this chatter head on, or even admit that Lamar has a drug problem, but she admitted a few days ago that it's been a challenge to mask the pain and she also dropped a pretty major hint about the state of her relationship on Instagram:

Her profile on that social network no longer contains the last name "Odom."

Kris Jenner, meanwhile, is supposedly pressuring her daughter to split from Lamar - and all this is taking place while E! cameras are following her around for a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Yeah. We'd be doing a bit crazy, too.


I have on several occasion said that khloe kardashian has her own DEMONS that she needs to address and stop tweeting,doing selfy pics,and keep sending lamar messages through the media just to keep him more upset to stay away.Khloe is truly showing signs of that Fatal Attraction chick ok not a good look for her so sad the games that people play within their lives. I guess by now everyone is aware that Lamar Odom did not send that tweet out yesterday ditching on his father Joe Odom. So sad who would do such a cruel thing when the world already knows that wicked cursed kardashian family are who they are just that wicked and CURSED.The kardashians has said this out of their own sad I am quite sure everyone is aware of the person or persons responsible for that tweet making Lamar looking like he really hates and can not stand his dad,but love the kardashians who are the ones who put his personal business on blast big time having a cocaine addiction just after after being accused of cheating(I do not believe lamar cheated because the marriage was not real it was a contract marriage only for the reality show.The kardashians knows this and now Lamar wants OUT desperately so it is what it is many prayers are so needed. Khloe needs to take care of her own business privately, but she won't so that it can be played out on the e reality show to make her look good. I guess khloes anniversary is tomorrow it is going to be interesting to see if Lamar will meet up with her to rekindle the FAKED OUT MARRIAGE or will he continue to stay MUM. My advice for Lamar is to continue to pray let god move in and guide him to make the best possible decision ever to be FREE from all the drama. Also with Lamar being so tide down in chains of bondage only God can set him FREE. I find it so strange everything was fine until Kanye West moved into compound.hmmmm I do wish and pray that all will be fine for Lamar soon. Many Prayers always and much LOVE to Lamar Odom God will bring him through whatever and all that he is going through right now. Prayers!

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