Lamar Odom Moved Out, Left Khloe Kardashian to Do Drugs; Reportedly Doesn't Want Help

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A new report says it was Lamar Odom's decision to move out of the home he shared with Khloe Kardashian, and that he does not want help for drug abuse.

The NBA star has turned a blind eye to his addiction issues and ignored her ongoing plea for him to get help, to the point where the dude up and left.

For Polina Polonsky's apartment? We can only guess.

After reports surfaced that Lamar packed his bags earlier this summer and left, most people assumed Khloe kicked him out. Not the case, a source says.

“Khloe always knew that Lamar dabbled with drugs, but she didn’t get concerned until summer when he moved out of their house," says the insider.

His reason for leaving? Simple. "So he could do whatever he wanted to,” a friend says. “He got sick of her nagging him to get help, so he moved out.”

Whatever you think of her family, it appears that Khloe Kardashian wants to save Lamar and their marriage, and that he wants none of it at this rate.

This is admirable on her part, and you have to feel for what she's going through.

Most drug addicts want to be left alone - or in his case, with people like Polina who don't care - so they can abuse drugs without having to hide it.

Anyone who is enabling Lamar with his drug use is obviously not a real "friend," but Polonsky says he had his drug use under control while he was with her.

Yes, she really said this. He crashed at her place and smoked crack there, but not anywhere near to the point where he's at now, she said in an interview.

Eventually, Khloe confronted Polina, and he took a turn for the worse.

After Kardashian came at her like a caged animal, the NBA star left, and now feels most comfortable with his so-called friends on Skid Row, insiders say.

That would be a dangerous, drug-infested area in L.A.

“Lamar feels like he’s all alone,” the insider explains. “And the people he’s with, they make him feel good, and they don’t say no to him or anything."

"Sadly, he’s got a lot of friends in this town and a lot of them are downtown, which ain’t at all the best area for Lamar to be in unless he’s at Staples.”

It's a far cry from the arena where he used to help lead the Lakers to titles, while very close by geographically. Will he ever get back on the court?

More importantly, will he pull himself out of this spiral before it's too late and we're publishing something far worse than cheating and drug rumors?


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my heart breaks....he seems like such a good person I really hope God gives you the strength to get the help he needs...good luck buddy I wish you well


I have to say this is an interesting turn of events... When her sister, Kim K., married not that long ago to Kris Humphries, I'll never forget how cruel, snide, and sanctimonious Khloe acted!! A lot of the fan base said that she was just being down to earth?.. I saw it as incredibly nasty to try to crush your sister's fiance and marriage!!.. Funny how what goes around, come around, FINALLY. Now Khloe's "unbreakeable" marriage looks like a sleazy fraud. At least Kim tried to marry someone who was handsome, healthy, had a good family background, hard-working, mentally competent, and NOT breaking the law throughout her relationship!.. That's not such a bad decision! In the end, Khloe looks like a trumped up, immature fool. I'm sure her 'fertility problems' had a lot to do with his drug addiction and maybe it was the best thing. I'll never forget how nasty & condescending Khloe was acting toward Kim & Kris... Does anyone else remember her vitriol? That could turn anyone to drugs. Yeah, you really know it all, Khloe! Not!! :( I hope Kris Humphries gets the last laugh...


now the Whites will give help. WHERE WERE THEY IN THE IN THE 20th CENTURY, and before?


In my opinion:
I was married to a man who was addicted to cocaine, Khloe can not help lamar the only thing her help will do is make things worse by being overly pushy like she has been doing along with her cursed and wicked family. A cocaine addict is constantly looking to get that fast hit to ease his mental pain. No one knows the extent of what is going on here within this wicked situation with lamar,khloe and her ninja mommager kris jenner. so sad I feel that Lamar whatever drugs he is addicted to it is his decision, but really no one actually knows what is going on with Lamar Odom. I find it disturbing that khloe was so eager to blast this man business to the world actually shows him that she never cared whatsoever and is as cold hearted wicked as her kris jenner mommager. Lamar knows a lot about this family and knowing how this family is cold,wicked,cursed and self absorbed the best thing for him is to pray and basically move on and help himself. Lamar needs to get back on his game and get focus but must have a desire to do so. The best of all from all of this is for lamar to pray,pray ask god to come into his life he then will be a changed man for god will give him a clean slate of health,life and stability. Khloe needs to let go of Lamar, she is the main source of all the humiliations inspite yes it is wrong to cheat during a marriage but in my opinion has Lamar really cheated? khloe is a wild child who is her mothers daughter (VERY CONTROLLING)behind closed doors and khloe has her DEMONS but none are being put on blast(at least not by lamar). I find it strange that khloe has lied on several occasions knowing that first the marriage to lamar was a contract marriage for the reality show and it was understood that he could have his female friends on the side privately Lamar is still silent on all allegations tight lip I wonder why.
I pray that lamar does move on and do not look back I pray that he think of his son and daughter and want to be strong for them as well to get better. Inspite of all the allegations against lamar he seems to a wonderful person. Last but not least no one really knows what lamar is truly going through but lamar and his closes family to him and GOD. It is important to continue to pray for him that he remains strong and always know that God will continue to fight his fight. Prayers always.



@ Annoymous

He already left her, months ago.


Another Swirl ending in disaster. The prediction of the white bitch laying up with an Afro American is like predicting the 14th of any month comes after the 13th, it's a (can't miss) prediction. Another prediction is that this piece of garbage is so screwed not even the best PR firm will be able to salvage her used up ass. To have someone as ugly ass & as uneducated as Odom leave her for another passel of white stripper/coke head whores is so fitting. Maybe HoKhloe could try Lil Wayne or Stay away RJay or some other waste to society. I love these endings and it never changes. As long as there is one white woman, then females belonging to black,Asian, Hispanic will never be on the bottom.

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