Man Brands Girlfriend's Vaginal Area With Initials; Seemed "Normal" According to Neighbors

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Christopher Lynn Jackson, resident of Chandler, Arizona, was arrested for allegedly branding his initials on his girlfriend's "vaginal area" because "her vagina was his."

Talk about staking your claim, you guys. See also: OMG.

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Jackson's unidentified girlfriend states the incident took place after Jackson asked her to accompany him to a baseball game.

When he wanted to go dancing after the game and she complained of fatigue, he gave her "energy pills."

The next thing she remembers is waking up in pain and seeing Jackson standing over her with a butane torch and branding equipment.

She looked down to see his initials, "C" and "J," branded into her private parts.

The incident, which took place last May, has recently been brought to the authorities because Jackson's now ex-girlfriend summoned the courage to report the horrific event.

Jackson was arrested on felony aggravated assault charges, according to news reports, after a search warrant confirmed the victim's claims.

Court documents reveal that this isn't Jackson's first rodeo. He "bragged" to his latest, and hopefully last, victim about having done this to other girlfriends in the past.

Brett Schneidt, Jackson's neighbor, calls this revelation about his neighbor's habits "pretty crazy and kind of scary" stating that Jackson always seemed "like a normal, calm guy."

Another neighbor, Kelvin Stevens, who tells Fox 10 in Phoenix that he's had several altercations with Jackson, says he's "not sure it's a big surprise."