Polina Polonsky: Lamar Odom Cheating Partner AND "Crack Head" Enabler?!

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Polina Polonsky, one of the women romantically linked to Lamar Odom in his recent cheating scandal, may have also been one of his "partying" partners.

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    Sorry to hear all you trashtalkers have no respect for marriage or the right and obligation of a wife to love and help her husband through his drug issues. You know "for better or worse". God Bless You Khloe and Lamar.


    We all know that khloe was texting her from Lamar's phone. Sounds like a bitter, vindictive, scorned woman. Also sounds like khloe was threatening her saying narcs know and I know where you live, ur parents, blah blah blah. The kardashians are a cult... Polina have an interview to TMZ that Lamar thought his phone was tracked and his car as well.. That's why this man goes into hiding.. It wouldn't surprise me if they have a hit man after lamar and will say he OD'd.. I hate this family




    Nice, Kartrashians. Let's just go ahead and try to flush Polina's career down the drain too. You people will stop at NOTHING to make yourselves look good. Totally shameless.


    Lamar, you better take a page from John Belushi's book, and learn before you end up just like he did--dead with a crack head enabler to tell the story. Kloe, sad but true girl--crack heads are always crack heads--in their minds. Get out while you can. Twas beautiful long time ago, but this is now and crack is in the mix. You need to move on with your life and he needs to go at this on his own. That's the only way it works.


    Abe. Kim and kloe are beautiful ladies u need to get a life jerlkkkkkkllll

    @ Jean hicks

    Wow,, what do ladies in your neighborhood look like if you consider them beautiful? The kardashian girls are all average at best.. I see better looking girls all the time with ten times a better natural body.


    Abe get a life


    Kloe lamar loves you and you can make it.the way he acts toward u. Is love. Not girls I think he does not think he thinks he is good enough


    don't get me wrong, KIM REALLY CARES ABOUT THE BLACKS.(khloe only cares about herself)


    khloe is more than a disgusting cunt who copied the idea of caring for the blacks like big sister kim but let lamar take a cab home from police station.

    @ abe

    His life has spiraled down because he's with the whites or what ever they are. Their known for any drug known to planet.

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