Kim Kardashian Attends Paris Fashion Show, Shows A Lot of Cleavage

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Kim Kardashian has officially come out of hiding.

The reality star was spotted in Paris over the weekend alongside Kanye West, touching down in the city without daughter North West in order to enjoy Fashion Week.

They attended the Givenchy fashion show yesterday, with Kim donning a very revealing outfit as she and her man made their way throughout the streets of France.

The trip appears to be going well, which is more than can be said for how Kim and Kanye began their vacation.

It involved a 4 a.m. wake-up call ad Kanye telling off a paparazzo in the driveway of his home.

But once they cleared their property of that mess, the pair arrived in Paris on Saturday morning and checked into the George V Hotel Saturday morning. Source say they have since met with CR Fashion Book editor Carine Roitfeld at the Givenchy offices.

Kardashian famously covered that publication earlier this month, grillin and chillin via a unique spread of photos.

Click on the following photos for a look at the outfit she donned yesterday morning and give thanks for that pregnancy, fellas. They're enlarged certain aspects of this celebrity:

Attending Fashion Week
Kim Kardashian in France
Kardashian & West
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kim you need to loos much more than 50 pounds you look fat..and you new hair got to go you look cheep..


kim you look fat as hell...


She needs a stylist or a NEW stylist. That dress does everything to make her look bloated. Yuck!!!


That Armenian fat ass is just pain pathetic. Never has anyone, with so "LITTLE TALLENT" been in the press so much. If Kim KarTrashian took a shit THG would be there to thak a pic/article of it ! Enough of the KarTrashians THG. Surely there is other whores that can match Kim KarTrashians lack of talent.


Having money can fix a lot of wrongs in this world, but it can't fix Kim. Why is it that every single picture of Kim and Kanye has Kanye looking like a man who was just sentenced to life in hell and kicked in the nads? I feel so very sorry for poor little North. She did not ask for any of this.


She doesn't look bad although its obvious she still has some ample thighs. If she wasn't so worried about her image people wouldn't pay attention to her post baby figure. Her ideal figure will return in its own good time.


Will always be a " whore "


looks like a pig in heels to me.


She left her baby so I guess she isn't nursing. The woman is a train wreck and so is her boyfriend.


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