Kanye West Explodes at Paparazzi: Shut the Eff Up! It's 4 A.M.!

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Another day, another instance of Kanye West exploding at a member of the paparazzi.

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    Kanye is just a porch monkey out of control. Back on the porch Kanye and take your fat ass Armenian whore with you. Anyone that black and that ugly should not have their pic taken.


    If you are up and driving, what is the big deal? Keep normal hours then, or live a private life. Those jerks made his baby mama rich and famous, buy them muffins. Act like a jerk, they are really going to hound you. Pass out CD's and muffins, the photos will be worthless after once or twice. Smile and wave, don't wave a fist and yell.


    All rappers are, is a derelict group who steals lyrics from years ago and slaps it together and calls it a song. There is not a damn thing original in any of it. Anyone who calls Kanye West a musical genius is out of there damn mind. What has he created from a clean sheet of paper- NOT DICK! This music starved society thinks he is some sort of Elvis or Stevie Wonder. Scared to stand up? That MF'er needs to keep cameras on him in order to keep someone from kicking his ass! He couldn't stand up to shit. He's not much more than a jive ass thug who BY THE WAY allowed the pop to make him know and now he want privacy!


    You are the asshole. Rappers do not force anyone to listen to their music. Whether or not he's a rapper, he is still entitled to the rights given to any other human. If a stranger was present on your or my property at 4 am, he/she would be in jail for trespassing as should be the case here. So for you to comment on what Kanye does for a living instead of the big picture makes you a prick. It's people like you that twist human rights to suit your situation. The reason "you people" hate him is because he is not scared to stand up to your kind. #kanyestandupforhisright


    They should leave him alone especially at 4:00am who wouldn't go off. It's ashame that Kim and him can't even go out of their door and some dummy asking stupid question....


    I can't say I blame him for this one. And it's like every day he is blasting some pap. Seems to me they are now instigating this man on purpose. Just to get a good story. I in no way like kanye, I don't like his music, or his attitude, but no-one needs to be stalked and provoked for a good story.


    Kanye West is a trouble making rapper who don't know how to walk away from dum bullshit like that.


    In response to Mark Zerkle: Rappers are entertainers not roll models,if u can't control what your kids listen to or watch on tv don't blame the artist blame yourself and about someone rolling up on you, YEA RIGHT!


    I am under the assumption this country had invasion of privacy laws shouldn't popping up at a mans house @4 am apply? If a person did that to me I would have given him the business we do have the right to protect our home don't we?


    Did he really ask "why don't you find a respectable profession"? Rappers are among the scummiest, least responsible, absolutely WORST examples for our kids possible. You're an asshole Kanye. If you ever rolled up on me like that for any reason, you would be one sorry little bastard.

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