Kanye West Deletes Twitter Bashing of Jimmy Kimmel

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Is the rivalry already over?

Just a couple days after going off on Jimmy Kimmel for a sketch the talk show host ran that made fun of his BBC Radio 1 interview, Kanye West has deleted all traces of this feud.

The rapper had taken extreme issue with Kimmel mocking him as arrogant and childish, Tweeting up a storm on Thursday that called the comedian out for his ugly face and for the lack of "good pussy" in his life.

Sorry. But that's what Kanye said.

West then continued his tirade a day later by quoting brand consultant Jibril Durimel and referring to Kimmel as evil.

With the insults flowing freely and Kimmel bringing them up on his late-night program, many wondered if this feud was being faked, as Kimmel is certainly known for yanking the chain of Internet users.

But West how now deleted every last jab he took at the host without giving a reason why.

Maybe he's reloading and preparing for an even stronger attack? We can only hope. For now, though, it looks like Kimmel and his staff can lower their threat level from "DefKanye Five."

Whose side are you on in the Kanye vs. Kimmel debate?


I have photos for sale of Kanye sucking a midgets cock under the Santa Monica pier. They are in color and available for delivery for $1,000,000.00 US.


West has got it in his mind that because he is BLACK that whites are suppose to walk around him with fear. The new has worn off that bullshit and he will see that more often where ever he goes. He is a racist and there is no debate on that.


This was silly to begin with, with Kanye acting like a child having a temper tantrum. Spoofs are silly little things not taken seriously (just like Kanye!) - why he'd go off personally attacking Kimmel and getting all mean is just messed up, not for Kanye, but in general it's messed up. Kimmel does it all in fun, no matter if it's funny or not, you shouldn't get that upset over it. Kanye needs to chill. Although Kimmel seems excited to be in a "Rap Feud" now, I do hope it's over with and that's what it means with Kanye deleting his Tweets. It just hurts Kanye's image bad by flipping out like this, not that he has a good image at this time anyway (Even our President thinks he's a jackass).


Although most celebrities create a lot of fodder for the talk show hosts; there should be a line drawn when attacking a person's manhood. Both should let it go. Kanye's a father now and he takes things a bit more personally than before.


I wish it were a hoax, but thats Kanye. He is either actually embarrassed, his pr person freaked, or now hes pouting in the corner people are laughing even harder at him now.


This is a hoax. Jimmy Kimmel is known for this, I don't get why people are not realizing they are being fooled.


he made some racist comments? Like Black F*GGOT?

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