Kanye West Continues Tirade Against Jimmy Kimmel, Labels Talk Show Host "Evil"

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Is the Jimmy Kimmel-Kanye West feud real or fake? That's for readers to decide.

But one thing is certain: it's ongoing!

Following last night's Twitter tirade against Kimmel, West took to the social media site again today and once again laid the written smackdown on the talk show host.

The 36-year-old rapper wrote that the subtle message of the comedian's parody of his BBC Radio interview this week was to “keep people in a box."

Kanye West then linked to a Slate article that called Jimmy Kimmel’s skit “ignorant and stupid" and proceeded to recount the words of Jibril Durimel.

'Ye quotes the fashion and brand consultant as saying: “Finally someone speaks some inspirational and real words that haven’t been exposed in a while and [Jimmy Kimmel] comes out with this."

"It’s simple, mediocre dreamers think this is humorous but all Kanye is pretty much saying in the interview is to dream to be the best… But then he’s made out to be ridiculous for wanting to be at an even higher level of self confidence.”

In the infamous Q&A, Kanye says he is the number-one rock star on the planet and also gives thanks for Kim Kardashian, who he says has given him everything.

Per Durimel once again, West Tweeted: “Jimmy K. is the EVIL guy trying to keep people in a box and not want more out of themselves. He does this by making fun of real dreamers.”

Strong words, indeed. Makes us think this beef may be legitimate.

What do you think? Is the Kanye-Kimmel feud legit?

If the beef IS real, whose side are you on?


He started losing his mind the day his mama died from the faulty lipo job!


One is comical and the other is so serious. Who should I really believe?


Theboth need to grow up!!!!!!

@ Rhonda

well, JK didn't nth wrong, he's comedian, his job is making ppl laugh. that video was funny, no need to get mad lik that.




If this is real, I think Kanye has put himself in a Box , and not in a good way. If you make outrageous statements comics will pick up on them. He's is becoming delusional.


The thing about Kanye is is so damn unlikeable. I liked his music, and I kind of wanted to like him, but I just can't. I mean if he has so much elevated confidence, then he shouldn't get upset or feel like he has to justify himself when people joke about him..it just makes him look insecure and foolish.

@ Shelley

I think some of Kanye's stuff is
genius & it's so unsettling to
hear him go on about himself.
I think that his reaction to Jimmy's skit is to be expected.
He does not seem to be able to take any kind of kidding, I really
don't think he understands that
this is just part of being a celebrity.Some say'Anger management' but it goes way deeper than that.I think you 've
got to take Kanye as he is.
Insecure& Egomaniacal and a
touch of Genius.A Little Crazy.

@ lola+d.

A genius? On what scale do you and your dissolutioned ass measure. Unsettling? OMG- you want some hot coco, a pillow., anything to keep your mislead ass from being unsettled. Why must you display you ignorance. So your the one to look deeper and I'm guessing you have a crystal ball or maybe your a palm reader.


why did you go to kimmels birthday if your mad at him


I hope Kayne is on drugs because if he's this stupid & crazy without drugs, it would be sad. Between Kayne & Kim, I wonder if that baby will have an IQ in the double digits.

@ Repeter

Kanye is not stupid.I think though that he is not wired to accept
criticism.Could be his formative
years or just his DNA.A bizarre
guy but brilliant in his chosen field.I would steer clear of any
one with his shifting personalities.That baby might
just get the best of both.


The point of the skit is to say Kanye is a sniveling little girl. Way to prove him right, Kanye. As if we didn't already know you were a moron based on your choice of horrific people in your life (i.e., your porn star/ho-bag wife).

@ DP

well said.

@ DP

You hate for no valid reason

@ Passerby

Agree.It's just nasty name
calling.This ranter does not
know these people at all.

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