Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer: Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson Star (in Other Movies)!

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It was only a matter of time. With Charlie Hunnam talking about the "tangible chemistry" he felt with co-star Dakota Johnson, a fan has put it to the test. Sort of.

In the following Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, we get a not-entirely-accurate sense of how the actors cast as Christian and Ana might work as an on-screen duo.

Using spliced-together clips of their previous roles, of course:

Dakota Johnson is not expected to go blonde, nor will Charlie Hunnam (also seen in last night's Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere) look as young as this.

Still, one has to hand it to the creator of this mashup of some of their sexiest scenes in this trailer, giving fans a taste of what to expect next summer.

It may be months before we get a real Fifty Shades of Grey trailer (the Super Bowl on February 2 feels like a good time), so these will have to do for now.

Not that there's a shortage of them. Check out another fan-made effort amusingly, featuring no leads at all (just a lot of sexy imagery) after the jump:


They should not have cast her as Ana, gross! Her features are all wrong, no matter what way you look at them her face is so angular. Ana was greatly described in the books and all Dakota embodies is Ana's pale skin, slender, and has a full pout. She doesn't have Ana's famous BIG eyes, petite stature, boobs, and pretty facial features! Not to mention Dakota looks ANCIENT. What the heck is up with that?

@ Linda

Both are way too old, and plain for this movie. Way too fuck up once again Hollywood! Not a happy camper! I totally agree this is going to be cheap like a lifetime movie... Not worth my money to go see in thearters!


This looks like a cheap lifetime movie..They dont look attractive..Dakota looks old and this looks plain boring noting like the other actual fan made trailers with Better People..This was hollywoodgossip made smh they suck so much i just cant ughh


Horrible casting for this film. Especially Dakota! She looks nothing like the Ana in the books is described. Dakota is way too tall for petite Ana, and she doesn't even have Ana's famous BIG eyes! Her features are all wrong too - her face is too angular and her features too mature looking. She looks really old for her age. Charlie isn't as bad, he just doesn't look young enough to me, and he isn't drop dead gorgeous but at least he is attractive.

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