Celebrities React to Breaking Bad Finale: Pass the Stevia!

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Hey, did you hear that Breaking Bad ended last night?

No, really, in case you've been residing under a rock for the past few weeks, the AMC drama aired its series finale on Sunday, an episode as hyped and as promoted as any in recent memory.

Did it live up to expectations? Decide for yourself and grade the episode now.

Did it nearly break the Internet? Yes, as lay people and famous folks around the country Tweeted up a storm in reaction to "Felina." Check out the following video now for some celebrity reaction and then scroll down for more...

Emmy Rossum: #GoodbyeBreakingBad is breaking my heart. I'm not ready for this. I binge watched over the summer & I'm not ready for it to be over!

Billy Bush: Ready to rock in Bahamas. @aaronpaul_8 and @bryancranston thank you so much for the best series ever #breakingbadfinale

Mindy Kaling: My fave Office Halloween episode, Ryan went as Jesse Pinkman. We love you long time #breakingbad!

Gayle King: The final scene Walter white is dead and JESSE is free charlierose and I agree finale satisfying !

Bryan Greenberg: Yeah that series was purdy good. #BreakingBad Pass the stevia!

Conan O'Brien: Anyone else thought of chaining Vince Gilligan in a barn to make him come up with another show?

Zach Braff: I can't believe Walt was a woman the whole time. Awesome ending. #BreakingBad

Patton Oswalt: Thank you, Vince Gilligan, for conceiving & executing the most bizarre love story I've ever seen. #GoodbyeBreakingBad

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The ending of "Breaking Bad" was better than the one for "Dexter".


It was unreal. The perfect ending. Couldnt have been better. Love every actor in it. No other series will ever come close. All i can say is wow!!!!!!


i don't want it to end... i love that show. its like watching your favorite person on american idol get kicked off, and now you're left with a bunch of pieces of doodoo...


most americans are just like little kids!!

@ abe

tu madre guey