Robin Thicke Butt-Grab Girl Says Photo is Legit; "Non-Issue" With Paula Patton

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Paula Patton had no problem with Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus Twerking, but a photo of him putting his hand on a blond fan's butt at a VMA after party?

The mystery girl in question, Lana Scolaro, confirms that the Twitter photo of Robin Thicke grabbing her ass that went viral this week is in fact legitimate.

In the photo, it appears that we can see Thicke and the young lady's back sides reflected in a mirror, with his hand questionably close to her butt.

Asked how the photo came about, she explained that she met him a week prior to the party and had "just moved to New York about a month ago."

"I knew that his hand was on my butt, but I didn't know that there was a mirror," she explained to E! News. "I don't even know how to use Photoshop."

"I didn't even know about the reflection until someone commented on it. I was just like, ‘Oh I'll Instagram this photo with Robin Thicke, like everybody else.'"

Robin Thicke Grabbing Ass?

After she uploaded the captured-on-camera moment to scial media, an obviously concerned Twitter user tweeted it to Thicke's wife, Paula Patton.

"@PaulaPattonXO look at the reflection girl," Jen Leadley wrote.

Those hoping for a scandal are likely to be disappointed, though. Real or not, a source says the photo is a "non-issue" between the happy couple.

The singer, 36, and actress, 37, are currently in Florida enjoying a much-needed beach getaway with their young son Julian, looking happy as ever.

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Sounds like neither Thicke or his wife should be married. They certainly don't seem to be acting like they are. What a shame! (or perhaps that should be "sham")


Apparently, Robin thicke was on Howard Stern talking about how he and his wife ar the swingers... That'd certainly explain the 'non issue' comment.


He obviously has what it takes to bring out the slut in a woman.


What I find absolutely disgusting is that this blonde girl herself thought nothing of just uploading the image to social media. I remember a time when women thought more of themselves than to allow something like this to happen and if it did, they most certainly did not want anyone to find out about it. It is NOTHING to be proud of!


Either Paula Patton is the greatest most understanding wife in the world or she is the dumbest woman in the world! Only time will tell.


What an understanding wife. This couple should go into politics. She has the stand by her man (douche bag) down.


this asshole gives me the creeps. wouldn't like him near my teenage daughter. at his age. he is pathetic.

@ christieo

Somebodys making it personal. So you've got experience in this area?

@ Passerby

yes. unfortunately.

@ christieo

Sorry about that....


so everything is allowed in this game?


That woman looks hella thirsty! Pathetic.


Er, if you look closely, you can see he is not grabbing her butt but holding his VMA award, but the body of the statue is hard to see because it's camouflaged by the desperate "socialites" dress. It's sad that she would lie for a paltry 5 minutes of fame.