Laura Whitehurst Pleads Guilty to Having Sex With Minor Student

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Laura Whitehurst, a former California high school teacher, pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor student - whose baby she recently gave birth to.

She agreed to one year in jail, five years' probation, lifetime registration as a sex offender and sex offender counseling. She will be sentenced August 28.

She pleaded guilty to sex crimes charges in a deal that entailed her admitting unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation of a person under 18.

Yes, it is called that.

Laura Whitehurst was a teacher at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, Calif., giving birth June 18 and resigning from her position earlier this month.

The unnamed student was 16 at the time of the tryst.

"One thing led to another, and he ended up at her residence, and it's been going on approximately one year now," said Redlands police Cmdr. Shawn Ryan, adding.

"She was open with her pregnancy. I don't know what her story was to everybody else, but it was an open pregnancy. The school district knew about it."

The mother of the now-17-year old victim learned of her son's dalliance with Whitehurst and called the cops, who subsequently launched an investigation.

She was being held on $500,000 bail.

Whitehurst could have gone away to prison for a LONG time, as she faced 41 felony counts - one for each copulation, apparently - with the minor.


The age gap is not that big. The distraught of being separated from her child is punishment enough I think she needs counselling and her license revoked. But I don't think she should have to do jail time create an even bigger monster with how terrible our jail systems are.


she tought the student something very important here!!


Where the fuck is the outrage! Only one fucking comment? WTF FOR REAL? This shit is too stupid. But I do know why it's happening....The Great Paul Mooney said since the teachers aren't being paid what they're worth, THEY'RE FUCKING THE CHILDREN!!!! Thier saying to themselves, the school is fucking me, I'm going to fuck some children and get more money. Sad fucked up world we live in.

@ My Two Cents......

I couldn't have said it better! Maybe louder but defiantly not better.


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