Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst Arrested for Having Student's Baby in California

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Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, a 28-year old teacher in Redlands, California, was arrested Monday on charges that she slept with a teenage student.

She even gave birth to his baby on June 18, according to various reports.

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The Redlands Police Department issues a release yesterday that confirmed Whitehurst was taken into custody on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

She was released after posting $25,000 bail Monday evening.

Authorities say the unnamed student was 16 at the time of his relationship with Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst.

"One thing led to another, and he ended up at her residence, and it's been going on approximately one year now," said Redlands police Cmdr. Shawn Ryan, adding of the child:

"She was open with her pregnancy. I don't know what her story was to everybody else, but it was an open pregnancy. The school district knew about it."

The mother of the alleged, now-17-year old victim learned of her son's dalliance with Whitehurst and contacted the police, who subsequently launched an investigation.

Whitehurst has been placed on leave and the school district has released a statement that reads:

"The district takes this arrest very seriously. Our heart goes out to the victim and his family."


what is wrong with women these days. for the last 20 years still the same cases happen


If this was a male teacher and female student, there wouldn't be any questions about whether or not she was a victim...people would be ready to hang the guy in the street.


The victim and his family? Are we pretending this boy was raped. As a mother I feel that i would be upset that my son was having sex with his teacher but not enough to call the police and ruin her life


These young teachers are still kids themselves. Maturity of a 15 year old. Trying to relive their high school years. They are a total embarrassment.


What really sucks that their are a lot of people who are 20 yrs or even older and they are going out and just because they are over the age of 18 nothing can happen to them. Their are also kids that are 15-17 that are going out with people who are 19-21 and no one says anything but it looks like when it has to do with a teacher the whole world needs to know about it. I dont hear about sex offenders unless they are someone with a professional background or if they work with minors.

Ms billie

I totally agree at 16 yes he did know better as well as boys that age thinks it's so cool to do a woman her age and her being a teacher was even better. Thing is he is a kid and she's an adult doesn't matter what he wanted or said she should have put him in his place and walked away. I also agree because she didn't act like the adult she is this whole mess has and will screw his whole life up. How is this boy suppose to take care of a child when he can't even take care of himself. I don't know how much time if any she will get but whatever it is she deserves it for being stupid. She needs to get a life and get a man not a boy.


Victim? Most of the boys in that school thought of her when they masturbate.


I'm sorry, but at 16 years old, most boys are already having sex. This one just so happened to be doing it with a 28 year old woman. The boy knew what he was doing and I am sick and tired of the female teachers getting a bad rap bc of these stupid boys who think that it would be "cool" to "do" the teacher. This is ridiculous!


I'm sorry, but at 16 you know what you're doing. Legally it is not right and the teacher should know better, but so did the "kid". I knew exactly what i was doing at 16 and I knew right from wrong. I don't feel sorry for the teacher or the teenager. I feel sorry for the innocent child!


The boy probably just wanted to empty his nuts. The teacher definitely took advantage of him and that is the crime. She f*cked up his life as now he is a father at 16 and isn't really old enough to know what responsibilities this will entail. Others make a very good point - that if a male teacher did this to a female student he would be accused of rape and locked up. We need some equality in law to protect all children.