Khloe Kardashian and Family: Focused on Health, Sobriety of Lamar Odom

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We have an update on the Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom situation.

As previously reported, Kardashian is aware of her husband's whereabouts and is working as hard as she can to save him from a drug relapse.

However, an insider tells E! News (a reliable source when it comes to this family) that allegations of Odom's disappearance were misleading and that "Lamar was never missing. He has been with Khloé."

As for any talk of the couple's marriage ending? "They have never spoken to a divorce attorney," the source says.

Various outlets claim that Odom has fallen on especially hard times since becoming an NBA free agent.

One report has connected him to crack cocaine, while another says he left evidence of Oxycontin use in a Memphis hotel room while a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

After a failed attempt to intervene and convince her husband to attend rehab last week, Khloe allegedly kicked Lamar out of the house and he's since been crashing in a hotel.

Kardashian is yet to directly address any of these rumors, simply lashing out and cursing off critics over Twitter at a couple points over the past week.

According to the E! News mole, "right now the family is focused on getting Lamar better."

Let's hope that includes Kris Jenner, who one website says is angry at Odom for ruining her family's brand. But not even Jenner would stoop to such a low point and think such things... would she?

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Lamar needs to go get help and file for a legal separation until he gets the help he needs for drugs cuz it seems to me that Kris Jenner is quietly trying to destroy him. Nothing that was done is OK but to hit BELOW THE BELT AND PUT LAMAR's drug addiction on Blast and try and ruin his career isn't right either. Kris has spoken to a lawyer for Khloe about the prenup and How Lamar is the blame for Crazy Rob's weight gain seems to be too much. Lamar is not in a place of FOCUS and Kris Jenner knows this and there is no way Lamar can TRUST ANY OF THEM so a legal separation would allow him & Khloe to still get back together after he gets the help he needs. I really don't think Lamar can get better around them either. Trying to destroy Lamar publicly and He is Khloe's husband is very distasteful and Kris should move Crazy Irresponsible Rob into her own house or better yet how about making him get a real job instead of covering up for every Dumb thing he does

@ jules

I never thought I would say this but I think you are beginning to see the light. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and with that being said- it's true, that family cannot be trusted. The bigger message should be this, these women are an influence on young women. They give the impression that you can just dispose of relationships, make a sex tape and lie about everything and after its done they can be RICH or SEXY or POPULAR and you can be all those things with virtually no talent or skills. The truth is that if you live a life like this in the real world you will be shunned, outcastes and their will be no lifeline or safety net.

@ Sims

STFU U Lonely Distubed No Friend Havin Crazy,Still hate Ur Ass Crackhead WHore. Don't write me

@ jules

Okay then bitch... I won't write your stupid schizophrenic ass.


Dear lord I pray for this young man Lamar Odom. I pray that no matter what the enemy throws at him that he can continue to stay and believe in you Lord. Lord please fight all his battles and allow Lamar to overcome what we must conquer. Lord please give Lamar the strength to know that you LOVE him deeply and that he is not alone,you are a forgiving god. Lord all Lamar has to do is ask of you and all shall will be given to him by you. I pray obedience for lamar that he come to know that he can not fight that spiritual fight, only you Lord. I pray that what enemies that are attacking him now is rebuked in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit AMEN! I pray this prayer for Lamar Odom, I am mother of two adult sons,and as a mother I am standing in for his loving mom. Lamar know that you are loved by many and respected please do not be blind of Satans hands. Pray and god will set you free from the wicked bondage of control,disrespect, anguish, drug abuse,cheating ways (if all is true) mostly know that god knows everything and he is a forgiving god. God Loves you Lamar and so does America. Stay away of those who are evil and with wicked ways of Satans Control. Buy yourself a bible and read the book of Revelation for this will be your new beginning of your true REALITY. Trust no false profit who comes before you with a wicked tongue do not be blind just ask and god will show the way. Lover and prayers that you gain all the supports from all who are truly genuine with their love for you. A praying mom thinking of you during this hard time of your life.


so delete fatness, miss piggy?

@ abe

Shame on you

@ abe

my prayer exactly.and no cursing or meaness. God bless you


khloe lies now that the damage has been done khloe want to make herself look good by all of this false pretense of a caring wifey. khloe has her own demons (alcohol drinking binges with along with her alcohol ninja mommager kris jenner). Lamar will be fine god will bring him through but remember khloe lied to the world stating how she wants a baby so bad. why would she want a baby with a husband on cocaine? I find it sad putting lamar on blast after two years of knowing and kris jenner knew all along ok as well this family must think America is truly stupid. khloe has her side kick male rapper friends on the side discussing her marital problems ok. why is lamar on drugs because khloe is the hidden provider of the drugs ok and of course she is going to make herself look like the innocent one. not judging I have seen several cases like this when I worked for Oakland police dept. many years ago.ok It is always the one that claim they love the person is who gets the drugs and passes on the addict ok. Khloe would do anything for lamar right and that is also provide him whatever drugs he needs to fulfill that habit.Not judging ok most of the time when drugs are involved in a relationship both husband and wife is dependent on the drug ok. khloe is no angel and yes if lamar is on drugs he will over come it with gods help. khloe needs to address her demons alcohol habit ok which she hides big time and so does kris jenner who drinks around the clock. Ninja mommager kris jenner, needs to understand when you attack a person KARMA will come back to bite you where it hurts the most. Lamar isn't destroying her brand the brand is being destroyed by GODS WRATH doesn't she know this by now if she is an ordained minister.hmmm
Prayers are so needed for this women ok. Ninja mommager, kris jenner has been exposed to BRIBERY,LIES,SELLING HER SOUL, SELLING HER CHILDRENS SOUL, EXPLOITING HER CHILDREN, FAME AND GREED.Now that nwtthp is born she is exploiting an innocent baby by the hands of her own daddy Kanye west ok. so wicked Lamar is the innocent one here being a cocaine or drug addict he has no time to even think about destroying anyones Brand,in my opinion lamar wants to be free. Khloe wants to hang on because all her secrets would be exposed for the world to see and know the real reality of everything. I do not believe anything of this story every since Kanye West has been in the picture lamar has been labels big time and kris jenner is not collecting her 10% off lamar ok. Now as for kanye west, he is next he has sold his soul so he will fit right into this wicked family circle lamar never sold his soul but because of his exhaustion of the wickedness he turn to his habit. It is not my intentions to insult anyone it is only an opinion. stay tune Ninja mommager, does not Love anyone but her Brand and herself her life opened to the world so if her Brand has been damaged it has been of her OWN HANDS and not by the hands of lamar. Kris jenner is so wicken and cursed. the devil is a liar. I pray for lamar to be strong and keep his eyes on god and god alone. Prayers Ninja mommager, kris jenner is destroying her own brand by her own hands it is time to wake up and see the damages she has caused with her own hands. This no attack on any of them but GOD is tire of the games this wicked woman plays. How can a person be an ordained minister and cause so much GRIEF IN ONE MANS LIFE AND WORLD. There is more to this crazy wicked mess in the kardashian home, I wonder if Kris jenner has approached lamar odom and refuse so kris tells him you will pay. remember she went with khloe to hotel ok and together they both acted as FOOLS like to clowns.Prayers are needed I am not one to insult anyone it is an opinion but God knows everything and it so sad kris jenner and khloe set the fire now it is going to be interesting who is is going to bring the smoke. I would not be surprise if it will be ROB KARDASHIAN FOR HE WAS THE ONLY TRUE ONLY WHO SEEMED GENIUNE WITH HIS LOVE TOWARDS LAMAR AS A YOUNGER BROTHER. Kris the one main person she dispised the most and loved the less will come to help lamar in more ways than expected. I pray for all.

@ curious

To much Red Bull?


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