Khloe Kardashian: Desperate to Save Lamar Odom

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Forget her marriage.

Khloe Kardashian is desperate to save Lamar Odom's life.

As we've documented in detail over the last couple days, Odom is reportedly in serious trouble: sources allege he is hooked on crack cocaine.

Moreover, he disappeared for days toward the end of last week, leading everyone in his family and extended family to fear for his mere existence.

But TMZ now says Khloe has tracked down her estranged NBA player husband and is doing all she can to get him back on the clean and sober track.

Last Wednesday, Kardashian and her family reportedly attempted an intervention and then kicked Odom out when he refused to get help.

The couple is now essentially separated, but Khloe refuses to give up on Lamar.

However, insiders say she will not even consider a reconciliation unless he admits to his substance abuse issues and seeks assistance.

So the relationship remains at a standstill. Khloe believes there's hope for Odom and neither side has conferred with divorce lawyers.

But the most important topic at the moment is Odom's well being.

Only once that is taken care of can these two even contemplate a healthy marriage again, and whether they can get there is very much an open question.

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To all of you who have no sympathy, shame on you. Although I don't watch their programs, there is nothing like the hell of watching someone you love being destroyed by substance abuse. And to be rich means you have the means to go on until the end. Sad.


she need to give him the boot out of the house.she got money..hope she can find a withe man..that can jump l.o.l


Don't worry I'm sure you will find another blackie right away you people are nothing but trash


lmaooo these "Whore-Dashians" will do anything to keep that "15 mins" going...


Don't know about Khloe. She is walking around with a big oversized gym jacket that looks like it could be Lamars for the paps to get her photo. But then Kendle and Kylie are putting vidoes up on their twitter accounts where she is running around with them laughing and having fun. Seems a bit scripted like their show. I feel sorry for her. But it is weird


I don't know why I believe Lamar is going to end up dead somewhere, but for some eerie ass reason, I do. I hope I'm wrong about that.

@ Marianna

Honey: we are all going to end up dead sooner or later and if your on drugs I would say its going to be sooner than later. Don't carry the burden, he doesn't even know who you are.


Khloe is desperate to save his MONEY not to save Lamar. These bitches dont care about people only$$$$$$$$

@ katrina

And you know that how?

@ Anonymous

She is psychic, where the hell have you been.


Addiction is a disease and often it can and is induced hereditarily. I am praying that if this story is in fact true, Lamar gets the help he needs and I pray that Khloe stands by him through this entire ordeal. For better or worse is what vows we take when we marry and it seems apparent that Lamar is battling some pretty evil demons. God bless Khloe and Lamar and my God grant them both the strength and courage to make it through this storm.


I could care less...

@ Bruce

And yet you cared enough to write it out! Oxymoron much?

@ Anonymous

Every vote counts and WTF is an oxy?


It's all a ruse. He's not hooked on crack, he's just using this as an excuse to get her to divorce him. (pre-nup) Lamar wins and grins.