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Justin Timberlake is The Man. With a new biggest fan in Giana DiLascio, 13, a brain surgery survivor who he spent some quality time with yesterday.

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The singer was being rushed through New York for a live radio interview Tuesday, when he crossed paths with Tina DiLascio, the mother of the teenager.

Tina told Justin about her daughter Giana, a “Make-a-Wish” kid who underwent brain surgery last year to fix a serious blockage in her pituitary gland.

Justin then asked if he could meet Giana, who was waiting outside, and waited patiently as Tina got Giana, brought her in and introduced the two.

Always great to see a celebrity make himself available like that.


Giana and Justin chatted for several minutes. Justin asked if she watched the VMAs and she lit up, telling Justin he’s “The next Michael Jackson.”

Timberlake bowed his head and said, “Thank you.”

Giana asked if the she could take a picture with Justin, who agreed, but “Only if you make it your screen saver!” Spoiler alert: She did just that.

He eventually had to go but told her to “be well.”

Really seems like a standup guy, doesn’t he?

As for her MJ claim … she may be right:

Justin Timberlake VMAs Performance
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