Jenelle Evans on Smoking Pot: She Can't Stop!!

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Jenelle Evans is still battling many demons - most notably weed, which she can't seem to stop using, and which people close to her worry is a gateway drug.

Despite being a recovering heroin addict, the troubled Teen Mom 2 cast member refuses to stop smoking marijuana despite her family and friends' urging.

And the fact that she got arrested for failing a drug test last week.

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“People close to Jenelle have been telling her that pot is a high school drug and she should stop doing it," says a source close to the Carolina Hurricane.

"They tell her all the time. She keeps saying ‘I’m going to quit,’ but she hasn’t yet. A lot of things stress her out. So she smoked a few times recently.”

Jenelle, of course, famously WANTED TO DO TIME rather than be on probation, where she would be drug tested regularly and inevitably fail.

All because she needs weed. WEEEEED!

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Ya High!

Sources claim Jenelle Evans was genuinely upset about her latest arrest after the failed drug test, and said "she is trying so hard to do the right thing."

"She's really making an effort to straighten out,” said an insider.

File that under We'll Believe It When We See It.


She isn't trying to clean up her act.Just a couple of days after she was released from jail she posted a video on Vine at 4am, she was completely wasted as was her new boyfriend Nathan.Nathan by the way is just another on her list of loser boyfriends.He doesn't have custody of his daughter,she is being raised by his ex's mother.Nathan has many convictions for driving offences but most seriously was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.That charge is apparently linked to his ex wife, who he was known to have many domestic disputes.Just before he moved in with Jenelle,he was evicted from his apartment and has an order against for $5000 for rent arrears.You don't need to a crystal ball to know it is only a matter of time before things turn to custard again.


Well at least Dustin Sullivan's financial interests will be well served, although I do think his check is well earned by dealing with her psychological issues


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