Demi Lovato Nude Photos: Negotiations Ongoing, Authenticity Disputed

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The long-rumored Demi Lovato nude photos have hit the web, but their authenticity is still in dispute, despite being run by one celebrity gossip site.

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    Curious if any of you know that pictures can be flipped. She went through a really weird time, and at her age a lot of people take nude/risque photos. It shouldn't ruin anything. We're all naked under our clothes so why the fuck would this change anything? Just because she has sone nudes leaked doesn't change the fact that she. works hard, does good things for people who deserve them, and she is still just as talented naked as she is fully clothed, if not more. Fake or real, nudes shouldn't change shit. She's a damn good woman and people who don't think so because her tits are on the internet are still stuck in the dark ages and need to get with it.


    Any who thinks these are of Demi are off their rocker! Demi has many tatoos some of which are similar to those in the pictures, however a fan would know if their genuine due to the placement. Firstly, the cross tatoo is is on her right hand, not on her left! and Secondly the bird tatoos are up her right arm, not her left. It is utterly appauling that someone would try and spoil someones career just to make a quick buck. I honestly believe that these pictures are not off Demi and that they are of some silly girl trying to look like her but clearly doesnt know enough about Demi to pull it off.


    First of all her cross tattoo on hand is not on her left hand...its on right. And same w/ the birds on her arms...its not on her left arm, its on her right. And if thats truly the story...that she broke it off when Demi got w/ Wilmer? Thats bull! Cuz Demi barely got her birds tattoos in Nov. 2012 and Demi started seeing Wilmer in 2011. That girl needs to quit with lies & get her facts straight!! She needs to quit trying to make money by ruining Demi's reputation. Nobodys going to believe u!!


    "You can tell its her but you can't see her face" says the owner of these photos. In otherwords this guy has diddly squat. Ok then.


    Oh that Demi did go through a troubled phase.Next photos will she be caught Twerking?

    @ lola+d.

    No but we did catch imbeciles believing in bad photoshopped photos, speaking of which, how ya doing?;)


    Psh. Fake. No face, no confirmation. Stop wasting our time.

    @ Fake

    No but we did catch idiots believing in poorly photoshopped photos. I'm speaking to one right now.

    How ya doing?:)


    It is so her, and I love her for it.

    @ Orly

    If you believe that then I got a bridge to sell you. You seem dumb enough to buy anything.


    Hot!!!!!! Can't wait for the hi-res versions!

    @ Orly

    I guess some people like cheap forgery. IE you :)


    No site confirmed that these pics were of her. Thats BS and you know it. Confirmed my ass.


    Liar. That site confirmed nothing. Try again fool.

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