Bar Patron Purposely Swallows Human Toe, Pays $500 Fine

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There's toe-ing a fine line between fun and stupid. And then there's this story:

The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada offers a drink called the Sourtoe Cocktail.

It requires the patron to down a shot of Yukon Jack whiskey with a severed toe (mummified in salt) inside, tasking consumers to touch the toe to their lips in order to earn the world's most disgusting certificate.

But some dude from New Orleans recently stopped by the establishment... ordered the drink... and then PURPOSEFULLY SWALLOWED THE ENTIRE TOE. He subsequently paid the $500 fine required for taking such action and strolled out of the bar.

What did the Toe Captain have to say about this? (Yes, people, there's a Toe Captain.) Watch this video for all the unusual details: