Demi Lovato Nude Photos: Published (Allegedly)!

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The purported photos of X Factor judge Demi Lovato nude have been published on a celebrity gossip site, though their authenticity is not confirmed.

Demi Lovato Elle Photo

After Radar reportedly turned down an offer to buy the racy pics, another outlet claims they are still in negotiations to buy them - and has posted a preview.

The images in question show a dark-haired woman who looks like Demi Lovato nude in a bath tub, lying topless in bed, kissing another girl, etc.

The person selling the images also claims that Demi is bisexual and she had a romantic relationship with the woman who provided the photos.

“We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them," says the alleged pic shopper, who needs grammar lessons.

Check them the borderline NSFW collage after the jump:

Demi Lovato Nude Pics?

That's what appears on celebrity gossip site CelebSlam. So, there you go.

Make of the photos what you will, THGers. Says the alleged source:

”After Demi got with Wilmer our friend called it off because she didn’t like being played, she sent me these pictures that Demi sent her as a joke."

"I have no use for them. There are about 20 total, not all have indication they are of her except some have her tattoos in ones you cannot see the face.”

So are they her or not? The woman in the photos does appear to have the same tattoos as Demi, including 12 black birds on her right forearm.

“These are Demi. The collection shows some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for ... tattoos, butt, chin," says one insider.

"I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi."

Guaranteed. And by that we mean not at all guaranteed.

UPDATE: More of these Demi Lovato pictures have hit the Internet. They appear to be legitimate.

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One word: photoshop.


The tattoos are on the wrong side. The cross and bird tattoos in these pictures are on the left arm, but Demi's are on her right. Obviously fake.


who cares if she got naked...look @ the chair she's sitting on & the crap all over the nasty floor. EWWWWWWW!!!!! where the hell was this pic taken?


It's such a shame that people in this world would stoop so low as to hurt a person and they're not even that scandalous! I'm a die-hard fan of Demi's and I believe that half of these are digitally edited. I'm standing by Demi & I don't care what people think of her after this.


Clearly, nobody gives a proper shit!


It's a shame gossip sites don't care if a life is ruined as long as they make money or readers. These pics appear to be a mixture of fake and real pics. But they are not as scandalous as those of other celebrities that get a pass.


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