Dancing With the Stars Cast: Snooki, Leah Remini, Christina Milian & More!

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Snooki, Leah Remini and Christina Milian are among those appearing on Dancing With the Stars this season, according to a celebrity gossip report.

Snooki at the VMAs
A Leah Remini Pic

The Jersey Shore star will make her post-pregnancy return to ... doing whatever it is she does, while Remini also makes for an interesting story.

Remini, now one of the world's most famous ex-Scientologist, recently underwent a very public split from the church after raising questions about it.

Specifically, she inquired about leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly, filing a missing persons report regarding her alleged disappearance in July.

In addition to Remini and Snooki, TMZ says Elizabeth Berkley, Amber Riley from Glee, Christina Milian, and Keyshawn Johnson will also be Dancing.

Also notable? Valerie Harper, whom doctors gave three months to live back in March due to her terminal brain cancer, and has defied the odds.

So much so that she's not just staying alive ... she could be dancing to the Bee Gees song by that name on DWTS. Bad segues aside, it's impressive.

Valerie, 74, and her partner Tristan McManus have been practicing for two days now, and this is no charity case - she's surprisingly good, it appears. 

The full Dancing With the Stars cast will be announced next week; Paula Deen and Farrah Abraham are also among those who have been approached.

Whether they sign on is another story, obviously.


L Ron Hubbard's son said, in his 1983 interview with Penthouse Magazine: "L Ron Hubbard Jr., ( Ron DeWolf ): I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology -- and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan."
For more incredible, shocking, info on the demonic origins of this cult, go to: http://www.lermanet.com/scient...

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