Ariana Grande: Kissed by Justin Bieber, Harassed by Justin Bieber Fans

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Ariana Grande experienced the highs and lows of life as a friend of Justin Bieber this week.

First, the young singer received a peck on the cheek from her fellow star, posting a photo of the cute incident on Twitter and giving her grandmother a shout-out in the caption:

"You're crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you," Ariana wrote to Justin.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

But then Grande was forced to delete the image, seemingly because she faced the sort of harassment to which Selena Gomez can likely relate.

"Everyone, girls are allowed to be friends with guys. I'm a lady. Chill out," Grande Tweeted after removing the apparently offensive picture.

To quiet any rumors before they really start, allow us to remind Beliebers: Ariana has been dating Australian celebrity Jai Brooks for 10 months.

He even posted photos of the couple on Instagram this week and included with it a sweet message to Grande:

'"This girl means so much to me. Not many long distance relationships [work out], but ours is different. We are not only [each other's] boyfriend/girlfriend, we are also [each other's] best friends. I am the luckiest guy on this earth and really have found one of a kind."

So take a breath and relax, Beliebers. It sounds like you have far more important topics to worry about these days involving your hero.


I'm not rili a fan of any of dem cus all dos celebs are livin fake lives why not be u?and i dont tink ariana should accept justin,he'll jst ruin her lyf.(i know wat i' saying)


I love justin bieber i'm his numbr 1 fan...and i think he has the right 2 lv who ever he want so if he and ariana are like eachother so let it be it's their life so...if u guys really love him u'd be happy that he is trying 2 move on


Ariana Grande: Kissed by Justin Bieber, Harassed by Justin Bieber Fans WRONG HE KISSED HER GET IT RIGHT.


I really think he is going Crazy myself as a Belieber should be dating all honesty i think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber should get back together <3




no they shouldnt they broke for a reason justins a two timing weezer hes a cheater a player an scunkbag they leabve eachother selena get over him why do u love him personality he dont hacve tht and if yall say im hatin im not and if yakll still say i do give me ur nunmber so i can beat yall up justin and selena split up




Aw is it that cute BE THAT'S WRONG!


I. Am. Justin. Beavers. Number. One. Fan

@ Alexa. Simpson

If you are in fact his "number 1 fan" you could at least have the decency to spell his name right.


i love Justin Bieber


Hey. I. Know who. Would. Love. To have. Ice. Cap and. Muffin

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