Amanda Zuckerman: Big Brother Contestant Under Fire For Racist Comments

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Yes, someone else was racist on Big Brother.

The dishonor this time belongs to Amanda Zuckerman, who showed her true colors (so to speak) after an altercation with competitor Candice Stewart.

Amanda, one of the most powerful people in the Big Brother house (and with the ego to go with it), had it out with Candice, one of the least powerful.

Their argument was built on a foundation of ongoing drama, but culminated in Amanda yelling at Candice: “That’s the Shaniqua coming out of you, I guess!”

As if the implications of that comment weren't obvious, or in case you thought she didn't care, Amanda followed that up with: “Am I racist now? I’m racist now.”

Who would have guessed Spencer Clawson joking about child porn would have competition for most cringe-worthy moment of the week on Big Brother?