Amanda Bynes: "Gravely Disabled" By Mental Illness, Placed on Extended Psychiatric Hold

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Amanda Bynes was just placed on an extended, 30-day psychiatric hold after doctors argued that the star is "gravely disabled" by mental illness.

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Bynes was set to return to court and try to win her freedom, but doctors said she was not even well enough to leave the hospital to attend today's hearing.

Doctors went to a judge who went to the hospital to conduct the emergency hearing, according to TMZ, and the judge granted their request to keep her there.

The actress' 5150 psychiatric hold, which was already extended from 72 hours to two weeks, has now been lengthened for at least the next 30 days.

Taking away someone's freedom is a serious thing, and doctors can only do so if the patient is deemed "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

Amanda's parents are still expected to pursue a temporary conservatorship that would allow her parents to control her finances and medical affairs.

The status of that request is not entirely clear at this time, but what is clear is that Amanda's severe mental illness is likely worse than initially believed.

The 27-year-old was hospitalized after setting a driveway on fire in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, and is believed to have schizophrenic tendencies.

We wish her nothing but the best and hope she can find a course of treatment that helps her lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life once again.


Amanda u should not call anyone ugly because you are ugly


Wasn't this obvious when she stated that she liked listening to Drake's music?


I'm SO GLAD they finally realized it was mental illness. Having a mental illness myself, it looked all to familiar. It takes having it, or having someone you love dealing with it, to really understand how it all works. She is one of my favorites. I grew up watching her shows, and Im so happy that she is where she needs to be.


I find it funny how everyone was making fun of her and now that she is diagnosed with something serious, you all have changed your tune.

@ Rita

and you know this how?

@ Shelia

@shelia because she reads the comments?


it's just a big game of her, and everyone is falling for it.

@ ari

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Wishing you good thoughts. ♡


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