Amanda Bynes: Showing Signs of Schizophrenia, Violent Mood Swings, "Severe Mental Illness"

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Amanda Bynes has shown schizophrenic tendencies and wild mood swings in the L.A. hospital where she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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    The symptoms she's experiencing are NOT symptoms you see from someone who is smoking marijuana. Friends that use to be close to her, before these bizzare outbursts occurred, says that she smoke weed to get rid of the voices in her head. Marijuana has many medicinal qualities but curing schizophrenia or any other severe mental issues is not one of them. Western society created such a ridiculous stigma over ganja. I'm sure cannibus is the reason why Amanda's illness was hidden so well. I will pray for her every night. She is a beautiful girl with a great head on her shoulders. The people closer to her should have tried to help her a long time ago. I am so sorry that she has to discover this illness she has in front of the entire world. Everyone owes her an apology. She has shown great understanding and unconditional love and support to so many in her lifetime. We all need to give that back.


    Her disorder is most likely triggered by her pot smoking as this is known side effect of pot. She needs help.

    @ concerned

    Those are not 'known side effects' of smoking marijuana. Judging by your use of the word 'pot' which is a ridiculous title, your not very edjucated on the value of cannibus. In some states ( and it should be all states) marijuana is prescribed to victims of mental illness to help with voices, insomnia, eating disorders, hallucinations, chronic head aches, physical pain etc.. Recent studies also show that cannibus helps prevent all cancers especially brain cancer. Not trying to be rude. I mean no disrespect. I just don't appreciate the western idiologies of marijuana. The only reason it is not legal is because the government knows the amount of money marijuana will circulate and other business might be affected. Espically the beer and cigerette companies. In fact anti marijuana commercials and the ' above the influence' commercials are funded by alcohol distribution companies.


    Actually to the people who are saying HIPPA violations, i believe considering that she is being held by a judge some of this information is legally aloud to be shared. They are not releasing extremely specific details so i would believe it is some what aloud,


    My guess is that Bynes is bi-polar - that the above article suggested she has "schizophrenic tendencies" is more the figment of some reporters imagination, conjecture, and/or rumor. Any psychiatrist who has examined her would know that to divulge such information regarding a patient is a serious violation of the law in terms of patient confidentiality. Obviously, Bynes is in trouble - perhaps allowing her the courtesy of leaving her alone might go a long way to help in sorting out exactly what her problem may be.


    Amanda should be able to recover in private. She should not have hounds reporting her condition without her prior approval over the internet.


    Whoever is releasing this information should be immediately fired and tried for violation of the HIPPA law. Ms. Bynes has the same fight to medical privacy as everyone else. There is no excuse to release information on any therapy sessions is a violation of doctor patient confidentiality.
    The world is no here for the amusement of TMZ fans.


    so beauti ful pic


    she has an imbalance of chemicals in her brain. she needs medication to help balance her out


    Did they do a tox-screen for DXM? Paranoia, violence, & a psychotic break add up.

    @ Ehud AVni

    My son overdosed on a combination of benadryl and robitussin pills, all purchased at our local supermarket. He had multiple seizures and other psychotic symptoms and was near death. After almost a week on a ventilator in the ICU, he pulled out of it and is now back in college and just fine. Ms. Bynes' symptoms sound scarily similar. Parents of teenagers and young adults - warn your kids how dangerous this is. Kids are dying from this stuff.


    C"hey amanda, we need you to do a mean girls 3 okay?"

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